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With India having sent their strongest-ever contingent – a whopping 118 players – to Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympics, one does realize its enormity. Not only that, but the Olympics has 28 sports fit into three weeks. Sure, sports channels are covering the Olympics but with 306 events happening in Rio, it doesn’t seem possible for one to devour everything they would like to. How then, should sports buffs and others who are keen on watching the Olympic Games keep up? Well, simply by downloading the Rio 2016 mobile, officially developed for the Olympics!


These days, developing an app or a game that complements an event or the release of any movie, is very common. So the Rio Olympics came up with both. Everything there is to know about the Olympic Games, this app will tell you all. Plus, it has all the information, not only about Rio 2016, but even Pyeong Chang 2018 and any past or future games you want to know about. With Olympics having global popularity, the app is available in multiple languages – English, Portuguese, Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean and French.

The app provides users with all the current information about all the events that are on at the Rio Olympics. Every little update on the results, medals, venues, maps comes up on the app along with the Olympics schedule. Also, the app has a detailed guide ready for spectators attending the games, along with tips on getting around in Rio. Every score is updated real-time and you get to view photos of all the events happening around the host city! This makes it a must-have app, whether you’re actually attending it yourself or keeping score from within your house. The next time you want to know what the hockey score is or which medal is up for grabs for any Indian player, you know what to do!

With this app, you’ll definitely be able to flaunt your knowledge about Olympics and impress your friends. It displays every little rule about a particular game – be it the marathon, athletics, gymnastics or swimming. It gives you general knowledge about each venue there is at the games, while syncing it with Google Maps. It also shows all the services that are available in the arena! To make it easier for you to keep track of all the medals won and by whom, the app has a very user-friendly table integrated into it.

Apart from the tabs that have been created by the developers for this app, the user can also search for whatever information he needs, whether it is for the games, a particular athlete or by country and track them too! Along with the Olympics App, an Olympic Gaming app too has been developed where users can play tennis, table tennis, archery, skeet shooting, football and basketball. So go ahead and download the apps. Stay up-to-date with the actual Olympics Games, while you get into the Olympic spirit by playing your own on the app!

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