Ola To Introduce ‘One-Way’ Fares For Outstation Trips

After capturing the Indian market with their service, the online cab aggregator Ola is out to provide another travel option, Ola Outstation, with which the company hopes to connect over 500 cities in India. The company had launched their outstation cab facility less than a year ago, but seeing the growing demand for the product they have introduced this option as well. Ola Outstation trips have been rolled out in metropolitan cities including Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, as well as other locations including Pune, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Kanpur and Guwahati among others.

OLA outstation

Up until now, should you want to take a taxi to go from one city to another, you typically wind up paying a fare that covers the round trip because most service providers do not allow for a one-way payment option.

What the Ola Outstation option does then, is offer connectivity across cities in India at reduced fares, making travel both comfortable as well as affordable for users. The unique feature herein is, that users would need to make a payment for only a one-way trip, and not a round trip, to the destination of their choice. So for the times for instance when you want to plan a weekend home, availing of this taxi service for inter-city travel would reduce your cost plus offer the unmatched convenience of being dropped and picked up from and to your doorstep, eliminating the need to make your way to a taxi stand, for instance.


How this works is rather simple. All you have to do is pre-book your ride up to two days in advance through an advanced booking feature in the Ola Outstation category on the easy to use mobile phone app. Once you fill in the destination details, the date and time of your expected travel and choose the vehicle you would want to opt for, all you do is click to book the cab from the package of your choice. When you choose your cab, you have at your disposal the entire range of Ola vehicles, be it a mini, a sedan or even an SUV.

Do keep in mind that the base fare for this category varies from city to city, and that your fare will be calculated accordingly. For example, from Mumbai as the destination from where one is travelling, below are the base fares for three sample locations.

To (Destination) from Mumbai Mini Base Fare Sedan Base Fare
Pune 1699 1999
Nashik 2099 2349
Surat 3299 4099

Do check the terms and conditions for booking the facility, especially when it comes to other charges and costs, including toll, taxes and parking charges as well as the cancellation policy. You do have the option to take the same cab back to your city of origin (in the case of a day trip), which will then be calculated as a round-trip by Ola.

With the introduction of Ola Outstation, commuters now have an effective alternative to other more traditional modes of transport.

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Picture & Data courtesy – olacabs.com, firstpost.com

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