On-The-Go Devices Review

Mobility is changing the way we perceive information.

With constant access to critical data, along with highly protected, secure availability management, today mobile devices are on their way to replace even laptops, as the main devices for information management. While for a very long time now, data storage on mobile phones and easy access has been a challenge, today we have on-the-go storage facilities that are helping us take mobility to an entirely different level.


It is not surprising therefore, that in today’s fast-paced digital world on-the-go storage for mobile devices have come as a relief for all those bogged down by limitations in the size of their mobile devices. OTG devices are therefore on the rise, slowly eating up into the market space of old-school pen-drives, with irreplaceable functionality, out-of-the-box designs and ease of use.


Some of the main advantages of the OTG devices available in the market right now are as follows:

  1. Increased memory of smartphones:  The most obvious advantage is the possibility to increase phone memory, infinitely, with a set of OTG USBs. You no longer need to delete any data to create space, for some new content. With multiple USBs dedicated to different needs, you can easily sort your phone information, store it remotely, carry it wherever you go, but all without having to invest into a ridiculously expensive new phone.
  2. Storage for HD visual content: All good phones today come with brilliant cameras, the result being creation of large amounts of visual content – including photographs and videos. Thanks to remarkable editing apps installed on phones, there is never only a single copy of the same image.  For photo-lovers and video freaks, limited storage is no longer a pain point. They can simple plug-and-play all the videos they want, and unbutton it when not in use.
  3. Unlimited apps: How many of us have deleted our favourite games, to make way for downloading new ones? Most of us have. The rest of us, have invested into really high-end mobile phones. For those of us, who do not want to indulge in mobile mania, anytime, but wouldn’t mind exploring some new apps, if without hassle, OTG devices come in as a great boon.
  4. No loss in phone speed: Regardless of what the specifications say, all phones face major issues with the processor speed, especially when the user heavily multi-tasks across functions and apps. With OTG devices, this risk is reduced, providing free additional space, that doesn’t interfere with the basic functionalities and affect device speed while in use.
  5. Improved availability: Sharing content between mobile devices has never been easier. With OTG devices, you can now dump all your content on to the USB, and share it with a friend, just like you would with a normal USB pen-drive.

With these advantages, OTG devices are bound to fast pick up sales. We would however need to wait and watch how popular they get in our country though.

When are you getting your OTG?

Picture courtesy-  XDA Developers, My Memory

by techtalks @TechTalks March 16, 2015 11:05 AM UTC


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