Ossic X Headphones: Personal, Calibrated Audio

When it comes to virtual reality, gaming, or movies, it’s the audio component which actually offers the immersive experience. Multi-channel audio output systems can create the proper height, width and depth of space that transports people to a suspension of disbelief through sound. But such a setup usually requires several speakers. Latest hardware, however, are offering a more personal and portable solution. And towards that end the recently introduced Ossic X headphones have been designed to deliver 3D audio which can instantly calibrate to an individual.

Most of the high quality headphones can reproduce a realistic soundscape for entertainment and music. But regardless of which pair of headphones you choose, the audio follows suit, whenever you turn your head. The Ossic X headphones takes sound immersion to another level, incorporating head-tracking technology backed by advanced algorithms and eight individual drivers, four for each ear. The sound localisation is more accurate, regardless of where you prefer to look.


Developed by Ossic, San Diego, California, the headphones have been designed to consider the listener’s anatomy while reproducing the sound; and that’s what makes the gadget stand out among peers. The headphone pair has the “Head Related Transfer Function” (HRTF) feature which factors in the size of your head, the shape of your ear, and the position in space, to offer a more personalized audio experience. The calibration is triggered as soon as you put on the headphones. Data collected by HRTF are processed by the algorithm to output tailor-made acoustics.

Ossic claims that the sound reproduced is how you will naturally hear things every day.

For films and music lovers, this pair of headphones can simulate a theatre or concert hall experience. Avid gaming enthusiasts can take advantage of the perfectly placed audio angle and depth, sans the typical limitation of fixed-place speakers. Which means, you can play on your laptop or any gaming device with equal efficacy, whether you are at your office or the neighbourhood coffee shop. Virtual reality aficionados can direct the attention to sound, as well as the visual elements.

The headphones are built on a durable frame, have an in-built 3D microphone array, and a detachable and washable head and ear pads. The gadget has an internal battery to run for 10 hours on a single charge. But, the Ossic X headphone has no Wi-Fi connectivity. The only connections are through the USB or auxiliary cable.


Ossic has developed more than nine generations of headphone prototypes over the past 18 months. The company is all slated to start production soon. If everything goes smoothly, shipment of the first batch of Ossic X headphones, is expected to start from December.

To the uninitiated, Ossic is a startup audio technology company, founded by four Lenovo alumni. The company wants to re-engineer the entire personal audio experience.

You can experience this never-before pair of headphones once they are available in India by the turn of the year!

Picture courtesy – iclarified.com and digitaltrends.com

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