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Pac-man stands out amongst the most adored games by individuals who had the joy of encountering the arrival of the first release, and by new fans alike. The reason is straightforward Pac-man speaks to the enormous blast of the computer game industry and with its basic yet difficult gameplay, it incorporates everything a player needs to involvement in a game: fun, challenge, simple rules, the delight of winning and in addition not very hard to beat opponents and stages. Knowing all these, the engineers of Crossy Road, Hipster Whale, chose to bring Pac-man with the courtesy of Bandai which brought about the making of PAC-MAN 256, an everlasting labyrinth of fun that will make you feel nostalgic.

Like Crossy Road, in PAC-MAN 256 the player must guide Pac-man in an endless maze while always escaping the enemy grip-the ghosts that attempt to eat up him. That as well as simply prefer in Crossy Road, in which the eagle is the threat amid gameplay, in Pac-man if it takes you too long to move ahead, then the 256 glitch will show up and begin eating the maze from the base and if you don’t begin moving quick you will be gobbled as well.

Ghosts are programmed to act the same path as in the original game. When you get close to them and they sense your presence and will come after you, or in the event that you end up discovering them, the game is over. Yet, you can turn from prey to predator in a matter of seconds by gathering the force pullet that transforms them into innocuous blue ghost for a few moments, in which case you are the one who will eat them. This rule stays the same as in the first game but now there are more than one approaches to fight back, and that is a direct result of the power ups. Yes, now Pac-man can get power ups and chase or back off ghosts. There is an assortment of power ups in the game, for example, the laser, which shoots a laser pillar and pulverizes any ghosts that comes in your direction, the Freeze which backs off all ghosts for you to escape fast.

Remember that every power up keeps going just for some time and with a specific end goal to use them you need to burn through 1 Credit before beginning a game, and after that search and gather them in the maze.

PAC-MAN 256 looks awesome and that’s to be predictable from the people who designed Crossy Road which was applauded not only for the gameplay but for design too. Although the graphics are in 3D, it gives the feeling that the characters are in 2D just like the original. The lively colours of the characters, multipliers and power-ups smash the flatness of the dark-grey maze and every time you achieve a goal, the colours of the maze’s walls change.

The sound effects are the same iconic ones that all of us love, so make sure you play the game with sound on, otherwise you will miss out on one of the most remarkable features of the game.

PAC-MAN 256 is a must for enthusiasts of Pac-man or nostalgic games, as well as for gamers who love Crossy Road. The game works efficiently, it complements the original. It’s a remarkably well developed game and we suggest you give it a try.

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