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Summer can be particularly tough on smartphone users, especially when talking about using your handset under direct sunlight. Depending on a mix of factors, including screen brightness and cover glass reflectivity, the result can be a screen that is easy to make out, or one that is impossible to. With summer coming up, it is important that users are clearly able to view their phones outdoors. Here are some smartphones with the brightest display.

BlackBerry Z10


Despite having lost most of its glory and tremendous market share, BlackBerry finds one of its flagships on the list of phones with brightest displays. The Z10 is an extremely bright phone, coming with 739 nits. It is absolutely excellent for outdoor use and can even be used under direct sunlight.

Nokia Lumia 1520


Nokia phones have been a favourite with many users over the years. The Lumia 1520, which is a large phone, also provides a surprisingly bright display. The 6 inch phone provides brightness which can clock up to 707 nits. This is extremely rare, considering the enormous size of its panel. However, this feature has earned the phone rave reviews in the market despite it being priced between Rs. 26 and 30,000.

Apple iPhone 5S


Apple iPhone users are almost never complaining with the quality of their phones and rightly so- Apple has established itself as a premium phone producing company. The iPhone 5S has become almost like a reference point when talking about brightness- it provides a whopping 587 nits of brightness and has been lauded for its ability to balance this feature with the countless others present. Various phones are compared by keeping the iPhone 5S as a marker for them. This aloe speaks volumes about Apple’s abilities to produce a stellar phone with superb levels of brightness.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Active


Samsung has always tried its level best to rival Apple in all departments and has successfully done so in this one. Its flagship phone the S5 Active, is a very useful phone and packs a punch with an astounding 491 nits of brightness. This makes it the perfect phone to be used for beach outings as well, given the fact that it is durable and tough in its design. Users need not worry about damaging the phone and can use it carefree. This makes it an extremely viable option for those users seeking a phone with bright display.

Xiaomi Mi-3


Xiaomi entered the smartphone market as a company that no one had ever heard of before and it is indeed a surprise for most users as to how they are making this list as well. The company has enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity and quality in no small part due to its flagship Mi-3 model. This phone comes with a 463 nits brightness and is a perfect candidate to be used outdoors due to its non-reflective cover glass as well. Xiaomi phones are affordable and often the first choice of many buyers, making them even more noteworthy.

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