Rise Of Tomb Raider : Review

Like its forerunner, Rise of the Tomb Raider concerns a hunt for an artifact that offers eternal life. The story in the game revolves around Lara (performed by actress Camilla Luddington) and her late father as Lara takes us on the complex affiliation that she has with the ghosts he had left behind.


There are ample side-missions to choose, hunting to do and even mini-quests to find out, such as destroying all the Soviet flags in a given area. And this is where the true tomb raiding comes into action. The revisit of tombs begins slowly with little puzzles entwined with the challenges in the main story.

You can use Lara’s Survival Sense, activated by pressing R3 but the tombs can only be terminated by your logic and skill.  Each tomb unlocks an ancient power that will be added to your skill tree, making Lara more potent and equipped for the feud she has in front of her.

Everything you do, add up to Lara’s skill points or XP in Rise of the Tomb Raider. And as the story moves ahead, Lara gets powerful, more proficient and her armoury improves.

Her signature weapon, the bow, is back with a number of special arrows and upgrades. But she will also earn explosives and a collection of pistols, shotguns and machine guns throughout the game. Options for multiple bows can be produced from specific materials and animals that Lara can hunt and reclaim.

The RPG elements are even intense than they were before, with Lara’s own upgradeable propensities spread across three groups – Brawler, Hunter and Survivor.

Each weapon can also be ameliorated to improve elements like speed, reload, damage or impact radius. And a new crafting system makes rummaging and searching more spontaneous in Rise of the Tomb Raider. Lara will have to move to Base Camps to get new equipments, items, or arrows from the supplies she’s collected on her way.

But the way, in which the fight amalgamates growing weaponry and a choice of game-play styles, you always have the option to go in loud or opt for the furtiveness and cover tactics. This means that the orders are always edgy. If you’ve forgotten to collect enough wood, you may run out of arrows during a fight and curse your slothfulness.

As for the graphics, most of the game takes place in Siberia, where the weather swerves from violent snowstorms and avalanches to bright and clear days. Inspite of the weather conditions, the world of Rise of the Tomb Raider is never less than spectacular. This time there’s no multiplayer option, rather you’ve got Expeditions. For every confront you complete, you can earn medals and credits to spend in the game or in the Marketplace.

The action-adventure packed video game prepared by Crystal Dynamics and published by Microsoft Studios and Square Enix brings back everything which was successful in 2013 counting its stunning graphics and re-imagined Lara, and carries it one step further.

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