Samsung A7: The Selfie Expert

Don’t we all love our gadgets? And we love them even more, if they are stylish, cool and smart. Say hello to the new selfie expert, the thinner and smarter Samsung Galaxy A7.

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It’s time to accessorize. The Samsung A7 is the slimmest phone and the metal uni body is a retreat from the usual plastic bodies the brand sports. The A7 has a shiny gold-dust finish on its rear, and a less shiny front panel, which is patterned and covered in glass all the way till the edges. Girls don’t worry, this beauty will only enhance your outfit and give that little bit of oomph.  Being so sleek at 6.3 the phone is light and sturdy. Carry it in your little hand bag or that embellished clutch and make a statement with it.  Whisk it out, to avoid that oh so nagging aunty, or to just add a bling to your outfit.

Screen size and display

Relive the memories of the times gone by and the larger than life display of fireworks at the New Year’s celebration. The 5.5-inch display with its rich colours, sharper display and the 16

million pixels and 1920×1080 display is a treat for the eyes. The adaptive display feature adapts to your surrounding; making it easier for you to adjust no matter where you are.


You always need to adjust the sound volume because the background is too noisy. Now, you no longer have to, the adaptive sound feature does that for you. It adjusts the volume depending on your surroundings, so you don’t have to spend your energy doing it.

Customise your A7 the way you like, make it an extension of your personality.  New ringtones, start-up, touch and notifications sounds specifically designed for the stunning A7, what more could you ask for. It will be your own unique phone.

Selfie time

The stunning 13 MP rear camera and 5 MP front camera, makes all your pictures praiseworthy and selfies, a breeze. Hands are meant to pose and not meant to be a disruption in your photos. The galaxy A7 voice recognition tool allows you to take picture perfect selfies. Now, you don’t need to touch the button to take a selfie, just command it with your voice or your palm. Be the envy of the party and have them believe you have your personal photographer shadowing you. The image detection and voice recognition is taking the art of capturing selfies a notch higher.

You are the life of the party but have trouble capturing everyone in a single frame. Have no fear, the A7 has you all sorted out. The new Wide Selfie function allows you to have all your friends in one frame. The panorama- like selfie merges three photos taken from the left/middle/right. To add to it, the auto-editing feature can make every shot, picture perfect. So, each time you take a selfie you are taking the perfect display picture.

Feel if your pictures are too plain and you want to add some oomph? The animated selfie function allows you to record longer versions of your pictures- up to 20 continuous shots and creates a shareable GIF out of it. Snapchat just became more fun; actions talk louder than words, send those love-dovey moments or the insanely drunk moments to your friends.

Selfies are no longer just a single photo, its 20 continuous photos –a mini movie.  Go ahead and grab Samsung A7, the selfie expert.

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by techtalks @TechTalks March 4, 2015 5:44 AM UTC


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