Samsung Galaxy S8 Predictions

Rumours about the Samsung Galaxy S8 have been doing rounds for a while now, and practically everyone who is a fan of the Korean giant is waiting with bated breath about a formal announcement with a release date tipped for late March. What makes an imminent release date more certain is the fact that Samsung has applied for the S8 trademark already. Read on to know more about the predictions in store for all you enthusiasts out there!

Design specs

If rumours are to be believed, the Samsung S8 will have a complete design overhaul, starting with bidding adieu to the Home button and integrating the functionality into the lower end of the glass display instead. What this will do is, dedicate every inch of space available towards the screen, and make it practically ‘all-screen’. The phone will additionally also have significantly smaller bezels than its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S7. It is also indicated that the phone will have an OLED display with a greater than 90 percent screen-to-body ratio, which is significantly larger than that of most phones today.

Coming to the size of the screen, reports suggest that the Samsung S8 may come in two variants: 5.7-inch and 6.2-inch screens. It is also speculated that the phone might do away with flat screens altogether, and instead have a curved-edge display.

The display might just boast of a 4K-resolution screen, with a pixel density of 806ppi (pixels per inch), something that is used across virtual reality headsets today. So when it comes to this smartphone, the user would enjoy an enhanced viewing experience.

On the fingerprint scanner, a new optical fingerprint sensor – the Natural ID FS9100 – is in the pipeline. This top-of-the-line scanner can scan the user’s fingerprint through 1mm of the cover glass, which means that it can be embedded underneath the display and does not require a Home button to function.

Samsung galaxy s8

Tech specs

While there have been no official confirmations as to what will be underneath that gorgeous display screen, it is expected that the S8 will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 with a 10nm manufacturing process. Translated, this would result in (as much as 40 percent) less power consumption, but more power to the smartphone itself.

It is believed that the phone will use ARM’s new Mali G71 GPU, the top-end mobile GPU available that will provide not just superior power but also premium visuals – something that will be appreciated by die-hard gamers.

Talking about download speed, the S8 will likely provide speeds of up to 1Gbps, on account of the Snapdragon X12 modem. This will result in super-fast downloads, but remember – a lot depends upon your internet connectivity as well.

S8 will also possibly have the USB Type-C that has gained popularity in 2016, a reversible connection that supports various other ports such as HDMI, VGA etc. Also on the anvil for the S8 is better RAM – 6GB – plus 256GB of in-built storage. The camera on the other hand is rumoured to be the same as the one in the S7.

Samsung galaxy s8

With the release date likely to be early 2017, let’s wait and watch what Samsung has in stores for their customers.

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