Samsung Gear S2 Review: Intuitively Disappointing


Samsung always has been a step ahead of its competitors with its gadgets. The same stands true with the smartwatch market. It has manufactured smartwatches way before the other brands. The only catch was the watches were compatible only with Samsung’s devices except for Gear Live. This watch is compatible with all android devices. It does come with Tizen OS and with its new launch Gear S2 it stands loyal to the OS. However will it match up to the growing competition in the wearable market?


Gear S2 does feature a durable and sportier design. It has lugs on the top and bottom if you want to replace the straps. The straps can easily be connected to the stainless steel dial with connectors. On the stainless steel dial you will buttons to go back, to go to the home screen or to open the apps, they are placed on the right side. On the rear of the watch is the heart sensor button.

You will find the bezel very efficient as not only it adds an element to the watch, it is very functional. It rotates and will allow you to interact with the various screen instead of swiping them. The smooth bezel on rotating does make an audible click.

It looks nice to sport on your wrist and is weighs light. It can be easily ignored until you rotate the bezel. It does look really small on people with large wrists. The only disadvantage with the sporty look is that you cannot wear it to formal events.


The display is 1.2- inch super AMOLED with 360×360. With this feature, you will find the colours super vibrant. This makes the Tizen OS interface look super neat. You cannot adjust the brightness levels, but it will meet more than your expectations. The only problem you might face with the display is the round dial as it becomes difficult to navigate.


It comes with 512 MB RAM and dual-core processor ensures the device runs smoothly. The lag that was seen in the previous versions is sorted out in this latest version. The menu functions very smoothly. Navigating between screens is quick compared to the previous version of this smartwatch.


Unlike its predecessor, you will not be able to make voice calls using the watch as it does not come with a speakerphone. You can have voice dictations and commands, though. You can connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The best part is the Gear S2 can be connected to other android phones besides ones manufactured by Samsung.

You can store files up to 4 GB, music files can be easily listened to; with the rotation of the bezel. It also helps to keep a watchful eye on your health as you can monitor the intake of your fluid intake (tea, coffee and water). It also tracks your heart rate during a workout.

The 250 mAh battery though may sound small does last up to 2 days with normal use. Also, the downside is that it supports very few apps.


It is a fun gadget and the rotating functional bezel is a very attractive feature. But the fact that it does not support applications can frustrate you. This might give the competitive devices an edge and Gear S2 will let you down.

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by techtalks @TechTalks December 10, 2015 12:06 PM UTC


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