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Samsung’s Gear VR headset is pretty inspiring as first-generation devices go and a first major consumer-oriented virtual-reality headset. There’s a lot to play and watch in the virtual worlds as the headset opens up. The best insinuations are some of the mind-expanding experiences made possible by the VR. The Gear VR will be available via the company’s physical retail channels as well as online via Flipkart.

Samsung at the launch mentioned that Gear VR will work effortlessly with Galaxy smartphones. Presently, the Gear VR only works with the newest high-end Galaxy smartphones including the Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge+, Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note 5. Samsung also added the lately revealed Galaxy Note 5 Dual SIM to the attuned devices list.


Your phone will fasten to the front of the Gear VR headset, just in front of the lens of your eyes. Once you put the headset on, your environs would disappear as the phone screen opens a window into an illusory, three-dimensional world. As you move your head, the images will shift consequently to give you the sense of being there in real life. You can even turn all the way around to see what’s behind you. The screen projects marginally diverse views to your left and right eyes to give you the virtual world depth.

The Gear VR however isn’t really easy to set up. Figuring out where all the Velcro straps and hooks would go, could be a little challenging. No doubt you have to rely on the manual. Many consumers might need help from someone who’s tech-savvy. Also you have to be patient for the apps and videos to download which may take up a few minutes in some cases. The Gear VR can stream moderately few videos for instant playback. Most of the videos are like ideas envisioned, establishing the forthcoming of Virtual Reality or are purely promotions for regular TV shows and movies.

The new Samsung Gear VR is about 19 % lighter than the previous model and it structures a large touchpad for control. It weighs 318 grams without the phone and measures 201.9×116.4×92.6mm. The Gear VR comes with a field of view of 96 degrees and features a volume and focus adjustment wheel button for controls.

The headgear will support 360-degree videos. However, like the last year’s Gear VR Consumers Edition, which had an access to Oculus Video and Oculus Arcade for videos and games, the company has not revealed whether the Gear VR will also have the same.

The Gear VR houses sensors such as proximity, gyro and accelerometer. The device can be charged via Micro-USB. Also it comes with a soft flexible cushioning material and modifiable straps for effortlessness of use.

If you already own a high-end Samsung phone, buying a Gear VR will make a lot of sense; the price isn’t particularly high going by the price of the phone which you need to have and the experience is honestly inimitable and somewhat mind-blowing.

However, even though the Gear VR is a big step up from Google Cardboard, it’s far away from the PC-level VR systems. The only problem is, in spite of wearing a fully wireless system you can’t move around and it could make you feel a little befuddling. To get over this, Google is apparently working on a next generation VR headset with better lenses, sensors and a more firm plastic sheath, and it is also seemingly working on an unconnected VR headset that will contain its own screen and high-powered processors.

So, if you have experienced the world of virtual reality, feel free to share with us in the comment section below.

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