Samsung SUHD UA65JS9000K Review

Samsung has for years sold its products brilliantly and created sombre noise around its launches. The company is the topmost smartphone maker in the world by sales figures and is one of a long list of makers that have effectively persuaded the consumers that LED TVs are different from LCD TVs, although LEDs are basically LCDs with altered backlighting.

The hottest attempt at promoting a product is the SUHD TV. UHD refers to Ultra High Definition, which is another way to say 4K, or a screen with 3840×2160 pixels. The ‘S’ in the name does not really mean anything. Samsung uses ‘S’ as recognition of flagship products such as the Galaxy S range of smartphones. SUHD denotes to its flagship range of UHD TVs.

Let’s find out if this ‘S’ product lives up to our high hopes.


As far as TVs go, the Samsung 65-inch SUHD TV is one of the best you will see. Thanks to its sturdy curve, svelte bezel and steel frame, the TV displays an aura of stylishness and extravagance. The one-piece TV stand meets the standard of the TV.

The back of the TV is bare, with just three power points. The pure size of the SUHD is amazing; it will take a large part of your wall and will create an intimidating presence in your room. It’s the kind of television that is designed to stand out rather than simply blend in.

The curvature of the TV, while a remarkable sight on its own, does not really add to the viewing experience in any noteworthy way. Manufacturers claim that since every part of the screen is midway from your eyes when you are seated appropriately in front of the TV, this improves the picture. Moreover, the panel itself is highly reflective, and you will need to keep the room as dark as possible for best viewing results.

Specifications and Features

The Samsung UA65JS9000K has a 65-inch LED-backlit LCD display panel with a 3840×2160 pixel resolution. The curvature of the panel measures at 4200R, or a 4.2m radius. It’s a lot more pronounced than the 4.6-5m radii we’ve seen on TVs from LG, Vu and the like. The TV also features 60W 4.2 channel front-bottom firing speakers. You can install it with a wall-mount or its stand.

Connectivity for the TV is done through Samsung’s One Connect box. This is one of the best methods to apply television connectivity in our view. As earlier stated, the TV itself has few ports and sockets on the back: one for the power cable, one where the One Connect Box plugs in to the TV, and a single USB for the optional camera accessory. All input sources are on the One Connect box, which can be placed appropriately anywhere.

This has two key benefits; you do not have to extend around the back of the TV every time you want to plug something in or out, and you can easily upgrade the One Connect box when the current connectivity options become insufficient or out-dated.

The Samsung SUHD UA65JS9000K is a nifty TV, and is powered by a branded user interface called Smart Hub. It’s has a reasonable selection of apps, most of which are streaming-based and can allow a wide variety of content over the Internet. The TV has 3.77 GB of on-board storage for apps.

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