3 Smart Instagram Tips

Instagram is arguably the most popular photo sharing application today. With over 500 million downloads, it is widely used all over the world by photography enthusiasts, celebrities, popular figures or even business startups to share their pictures or short videos with their followers and friends. It also lets users discover trending topics across the globe to help them socialize and reach out to like-minded Instagram users. If you want to make the most of the app, have a look at the following tips to gain more followers and increase your social presence.



One of the most important aspects of mobile photography is the orientation of the click, whether horizontal or vertical. While posting on Instagram, always prefer to take your photos horizontally. This gives you a lot of room to capture the area surrounding the subject. Also, posting your pictures vertically leaves some awkward space around it and the quality of the picture is compromised. You can always tilt the camera if you are posing funnily, but for serious photography, using the grids of your phone camera will help you capture a better picture.



Instagram hashtags help you discover similar posts and also helps other users find your posts easily. But, it is important to use hashtags wisely. It’s never pleasant to see too many of them on someone’s post, especially if five out of ten hashtags practically mean the same thing. Limited hashtags can also render the reader confused about the post. Ideally, six to seven unique and quirky hashtags should do the trick. If you are a new user, and are looking for some followers to increase your presence, you can use specific hashtags and also tag other accounts who will follow you back. It may not seem like a pleasant way to increase your followers, but can get the job done.



The app gained its popularity because of the ease with which users can apply filters to their pics and share them instantly across other social networks. Filters play a very crucial role in the final outcome of your post and this makes it very important to use correct filters for different types of pictures. There are plenty of effects available and before deciding on one particular filter, you should have a look at all of them to see which one best suits your picture. It is not always necessary to use filters, especially if you are promoting your product through Instagram. Some pictures come out too beautiful to apply any effects on them.

Besides above tricks, one important thing to keep in mind is to let your creativity take over. You should always try different combinations, like increasing brightness, changing contrast levels, adjusting saturation and then go on to applying different filters. Be patient while posting pictures and write or choose your caption to depict what you want to convey through the picture.

Do tell us if you have more tricks up your sleeve, we would love to try them out!

Picture courtesy – pinterest.com, circleofdocs.com and adweek.com

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