Snapchat Spectacles: Everything You Need To Know

Looking at the world through rose-tinted glasses seems to be Snapchat’s new thinking.

Snapchat spectacles

Those who think every emotion and every adventure needs a platform and want to take it one step further. Here’s your chance to record everything while you are looking it. Your eyes become your very own camera. It’s a Go-Pro for your face. Welcome Snapchat Spectacles.

Snap has labelled itself as ‘a camera company’ that engages its users through innovative methods and in this case Spectacles (read: toys).  Snap Spectacles have an in-built camera that allows you to show the world what you are seeing, while you are seeing it. Snapchat mainly caters to the younger demographic, who are always connected and Spectacles are great way to make others see the world your way.

The Snap Spectacles are a unique and innovative offering by Snap. Instead of going the usual route of a mass roll-out, Snap erected a charming roaming vending machines across the U.S.A called Snapbots. Each vending machine housed a limited number of these spectacles. Due to the unique rollout, there is a still a mystery surrounding the availability of the Snap Spectacles.

These colourful glasses will enable you to up your social quotient, while looking uber cool.

Here’s what you need to know.

In the box you will get, the Snap Spectacles, a charging case, a USB charging cable, and a cleaning cloth. The glasses come in three vibrant colours, Blue, Red, and Black. Each frame is compatible with iOS and android and are able to capture 100 10-seconds video per charge, which are uploaded through Snapchat Memories. After the clips are stored in the Snapchat memories, you can edit the clips as per your liking and send it to your friends.

The Spectacles record 10- seconds video, but can be extended to a 30-sec video. Tapping once will begin the recording and the camera will record a 10-sec video, two more taps will increase the length of the video to 30- seconds. To stop recording hold the button down for 2 seconds. When the glasses are recording, LED lights illuminate the circle around the camera. Also, a single LED light flashes 3 times, when the battery in low and 5 LED lights flash, 3 times when the storage is full and 2 LED flash -3 times when a software update is available. Further, 3 rotating LED lights with progress will warn you if the Spectacles are experiencing low/high temperature. Further, the video shot on Snapchat Spectacles can shoot in high definition when connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot. Although, it takes a few minutes to download three 10 second videos. The videos are recorded in a circular 115-degree field of view & mimics how we see the world.

To pair the Snapchat Spectacles with your phone, you need to be wearing your spectacles and the Bluetooth needs to be switched on, then just stare at the snap on the screen and it pairs instantly. You can personalise the Spectacles the same way you personalise your phone. You can name you Snapchat Spectacles with your own special username. To indicate that the Spectacles are paired, a new trophy icon will be displayed.

So, no matter what your memory is, you can share it with the world just the way you see it. Happy Snapping.

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