Social Media Sites To Explore In 2015

Social media has changed the way we look at, interact with and understand the world today. From work to relationships, everything is defined differently from what they were a decade ago. The world is becoming a smaller place, and at the same time social media features are becoming boring and more predictable. So now, it’s time we take a quick halt, look around and explore what has changed.

Exciting new social media sites that you must explore this year:



Ello is a ‘by invite-only’ social networking platform that is, and promises to be, completely ad-free. It is based on the simple fact that users no longer appreciate that their personal content is traded to advertisers for money. Even with detailed privacy settings, one can never be sure that their information is safe. Elllo was specifically created to overcome this shortcoming.



Bubblews is a brilliant social-networking site that is different from others, in the fact that it pays users that attract advertisers. It is very similar in utility to Facebook, in features such as posting, liking, commenting and sharing content. But, the business model is out-of-the-box and highly promising.



Ever wanted to scream something out loud and be heard, without consequences? Secret is your social media site for that. Secret shares your content, specifically secrets, with your trusted ones, anonymously. So, you still speak out, and are still heard. Only, no one knows who said that. Exciting, isn’t it?



 Like creating videos? You will love Vine. The Twitter of video content, Vine is a platform where you can record and share videos, less than six seconds long. The beauty is in the brevity. Further, you can loop-play your videos, share with friends on vine, or integrate with Twitter and share your vine-videos there as well. The best part about this mobile-only app is that it auto-plays videos in loop as soon as you scroll it down to view.



Specifically targeting B2B users, this highly focused content-delivery network provides a platform for professionals dealing with enterprise technology and products, to connect, share and learn from each other. While it is similar to LinkedIn, in one way, Sharebloc has a unique content-driven purpose and approach.



 With video content sharing in high-demand, Pheed is one platform you must try out this year, that helps you share photos, videos as well as live-video streaming from events.


An extension of the concept of the Pinterest boards to textual content, provides users with an opportunity to share content on boards. This could range from cooking tips to business knowledge. One can post, follow and share content pertaining to their industry and forms groups for discussion. While most of the content is free, also provides premium content from business leaders at a cost.

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