Sony Xperia Z5 Review: Logical Continuity


Sony is one brand that does not keep launching a new phone often. It takes time to come up with something new and there are very few launches every year. This time around they have come up with brand new flagship Xperia Z5. At first glance, the phone looks like the usual Xperia Z phones. How about we review it to know what Sony has brought new this time for you!


It has not wavered from its previous design, but you will find it does look bit classy and elegant. The rear of the phone comes with a frosted glass with a glossy metal frame. You will be able to locate the 23-megapixel camera on the top left corner on the rear side of the phone. Being 7.33 mm thick, it is slightly bigger than Z3+ and weighs around 154 grams.

The display of the camera comes with 5.2 inch HD screen. On the top sits the front camera and a notification light, it blinks in white colour but you can change it. There are stereo speakers placed on the front of the phone, one on the top and the other at the bottom.
On the right side of the phone, you will find three buttons volume control, camera shutter and the power button. The power button is bit big as it has to accommodate the fingerprint scanner. Compared to the other phones the scanner is bit slow but functions well and is reliable.

On the bottom of the phone, you will find the micro USB charging point and cable hole. From the left of the phone, you can access your micro SD card and sim card. It is a bit difficult to open the flap unless you have sharp nails. Plus you need to be careful while removing the flap as it is made of thin plastic which can break easily. Sony claims they have made it difficult to access it as the phone is dust proof and water resistant.


Loaded with 1080×1920 p display, the screen is good and the display of colours if fantastic. The screen might get very bright under sunlight, but you can change this through settings. You will find the colours bit more warm, but they display is good compared to the competitors.


Z5 comes with 3 GB RAM and 32 GB internal storage does get a bit hot when playing games. It does a good job in searching Wi-Fi connections. You will find the user interface is smooth and does not lag. Powered with 2900 mAh battery, your phone will last the entire day unless there is intense game playing or watching videos. You can save battery if you opt for Stamina mode and Ultra Stamina mode. Images clicked through the 23-megapixel camera are not too great. Guess the software is not too enhanced. Though in normal lighting the pictures look great. In medium light, the images turn out to be average as they will have a purple tone in them. Same can be said about the front facing camera, you will find your selfies look really good in normal lighting, but will find the purple hue creep in when there is low light.


It is a good upgrade from Z2 OR Z3, but if you compare it with Z3+ there is barely any difference. It is simply a dependable and sophisticated phone if you overlook the shortfalls it has.

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