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Virtual Reality has strongly established itself and has a technological advancement to look out for in near future. Practically every tech giant has invested time, money and effort to develop and introduce virtual reality to the masses. OnePlus even launched its OnePlus 2 and Plus 3 phones in virtual reality. Its wide range of applications, especially in multimedia and gaming has intrigued everyone. If you are unaware, Virtual Reality, as the name suggests, enables users to immerse them into a virtual world with the help of a VR viewer and a device. The VR viewer or device tracks your head moment to display content accordingly, giving a life-like experience. Today, you have plenty of VR viewers in the market with which lets you watch movies or play VR-enabled games directly on your phones. Since Google introduced its low cost cardboard, there have been innumerable VR headsets. One such device is Pocket VR, which was introduced by popular case manufacturer during CES 2016.


As per its name, the Pocket VR can fit in your pocket and portability is its key selling point. Most of the headsets are bulky since they have fixed space to insert your mobile phone. This makes them difficult to carry around. However, what makes Pocket VR unique is its foldable form factor. In its idle state, it is flat and thin and as light as 2.9 OZ, which makes it easier to fit inside a pocket. The flat plastic protects the two lenses beneath it. In order to place the phone inside the headset, you have to slide first and then fold the plastic inwards. This creates space for your phone to be inserted and you can then experience VR via those lenses. You have a carved out space for your nose to fit in. The form factor enables users to access volume control keys without any hassle since the top and bottom of the phone is exposed.


At the moment, the headset is available only for iPhone 6/6s and for Samsung Galaxy S7. Speck offers a protective case with CandyShell grip along with its headset. The case provides firm grip and military-grade drop protection. The complete package costs $70 for both, iPhone and Samsung. Though deal looks good, but there are some things which you need to keep in mind before ordering. You not get any head-strap with it, nor do you have any provisions to add any external head-strap. This means that you will have to manually hold the VR headset as long as you are watching. This can be cumbersome if you are planning to watch 3D movies with it. The company claims the headset is for “those who want to experience virtual reality content in shorter segments or while on the go”. This limits the usage of headset. But since Pocket VR is certified by Google Cardboard, you should have plenty of options to enjoy. Overall, Pocket VR offers portability to enjoy VR on-the-go as well as a protective case, but limits the usage for long duration.


Picture courtesy – speckproducts.com

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