Steep Is Out With Impressive Graphics & Engaging Gameplay

Strong gusts of snowy winds, impressively steep slopes to surf across, spellbinding visuals as you strap on to glide through – Ubisoft’s latest release might just be what you seek for your winter fix on the console. With some of the most exciting winter sports combined into an action packed gameplay, the announcement of Steep at Ubisoft’s 2016 showcase had gamers looking for a change in virtual scenery itching to try it. And since its release, it has truly impressed the ones who have it on their gaming consoles.

With options to play from the first person’s perspective and third-person, you can switch any time in between as you explore the Swiss Alps in this open-world layout. From steep slopes to a rolling landscape, you will find some impressive visuals bundled up together for a truly thrilling
virtual experience.


While the graphics might come across as the same old blanket of white on mountains, the layout is quite impressive. You will find yourself using the four disciplines to get ahead in the game – skiing, snow-boarding, wing suit flying and paragliding. You will basically be overcoming hurdles in a set time. With a chance to score base points for styles, you will find yourself toggling between the different disciplines to take you to the next level.

The game is off to a moderate start to get you accustomed with the gameplay. The base camp is where you will be starting from. While the game boasts to be one which you can play your way, you would find yourself inadvertently playing each of the four disciplines at some point in each level to get to the next one. But that does not make it any less fun!


The best part has to be the freedom to choose your own style as you switch between each of the disciplines. Want to give the snowboard a rest and glide across the skies? Well, conjure up a hot air balloon that takes you to dizzying heights! Strap on the wing suit and off you go! Paragliding might come across as a bit toned down in comparison to the other 3 disciplines. But once you strap yourself into the harness, you’re fighting against strong winds that try to hurl you across the skies and into jagged rocks, all while you try to perform different styles to collect points, catapulting you to the next level. The action-packed exploration is something that is sure to have you hooked the moment you start playing.


The online multiplayer game might have received mixed to average reviews, with some even complaining that it grows repetitive over time. All that aside, it wouldn’t be wrong to the impressive graphics and dynamic gameplay of Steep that has earned it a niche dedicated following. It is available on PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and of course, Microsoft Windows.

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