Stylish Gadgets To Wear

With advancement in technology, not only our gadgets getting niftier but they also get more stylish and trendy. Everybody wants to use or wear gadgets that look good even though they are expensive. Creative engineers are mindful of this fact and make sure that the latest gadget you might want to get your hands on; look chic, stylish and latest. Here is a list of suave gadgets that every stylish technophile would love to buy:



It is a stunningly constructed bracelet that supervises your exposure to the sun, recommending SFP and making sure you do not scald. As with other wearable, it connects to your smart phone to present data. You can pick from three colours of gem placed on either a leather or premium silicone strap.

Tile app


The Tile is aimed for the person who is constantly misplacing stuff. Gorgeously small and smart, when attached to your favourite things it connects them to your phone so you can trace them!



The Ringly is both a beautiful ornament and a super gadget that connects to your phone and alerts you to the things that are important, whether it’s a meeting with your client or a message from your loved one. The key is, it does it modestly – because being glued to the screen of your smartphone is so uncalled for. Through customised vibrations and light, the Ringly allows you to keep your phone tucked away with the peace of mind of not overlooking a thing. It is made with 18K matte gold and faceted precious and semi-precious stones.



 If you want to smoke, but yet decrease the toxicity of breathing cigarette smoke, then an electronic cigarette is your rescuer. Among the many e-cigs in the markets, NeoCig really stands out as stylish and durable. It offers you an experience of vamping that is very fashionable and cool. The smoke stemming from NeoCig is far less harmful for passive smokers and there are absolutely no unpleasant effects to smoking this sophisticated cig.

Narrative Wearable Camera


This Narrative portable camera clip is smooth and tiny, so you can wear it without anyone really noticing it’s on you. Plus, it comes with 8GB of memory, wireless connectivity, and a 30-hour battery life.

Guess Connect Smartwatch

Guess Connect Smartwatch is cute and practical, working with Android and iOS to display text-based notifications from a modest OLED screen.

Microsoft Band


This is a fitness freak’s happiness with a touch of fashion supplemented by looks straight out of a futuristic movie. It helps you to reach your wellness goals by keeping a track on your heart rate, calorie burn, steps and sleep quality. Not just that, you get email broadcasts and calendar notifications on your wrist; thus, making you more productive.

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They should come out with upgrades for the specific phones and not for the separate Operating System. This way a special version for your phones specific hardware can be made

Maalin Ashar

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