Super Mario Runs Into Your Smartphone

Super Mario, the plumber who has been out there with us since a long time now is making its way to our smartphones as well. Super Mario has always been, well mostly, everyone’s favourite game. Neither is it simply the greatest entry in the franchise till date nor should you expect it to work like what the home console version offers.

The levels that Mario walks through are built around his cheerful moves; flips and wall-jumps, slides and dashes. There is an accuracy offered to the player to hold the controller, to which Mario will respond to their fingertips. The concept isn’t new to the mobile auto-runners but the skill and accuracy with which Nintendo prepares its games are obvious. It is simple to get hold of the game and it offers a lot of fun once it gets going.

Super Mario Run

Much of the mobile based mechanics go down to the level-designing. The playground is customised to his move-sets. There are 24 quick-fire stages in the ‘Tour’ mode -ghost houses, castles and flying warships all emerging; each adding their own fancy to create on the move-set. There are floating platforms that let you stand in place but vanish when you jump off, blocks that thrust Mario backwards to possibly reach an unreachable area, trick doors that take you back to the beginning.

You shouldn’t expect a full-fat 2D Super Mario, however, with little in the way of power-ups and an abridged sense of travelling around has always added to Nintendo’s famous mascot. Most players will rush through the basic levels in no time, with debatably too few on bidding for the asking price. This may disappoint the mobile crowd, but it doesn’t stop Super Mario Run pleasing players who invest themselves. For the Tour mode this is done by collecting coloured coins that are dotted around the levels and where the game really comes into its own.

The game takes you through three sets — pink, purple and black– and once you are done collecting each set in one go, you unlock the next set which will be in different and in more difficult places. This is to test your skills by throwing Mario around to attain to, each more devilishly positioned collectible. How much you get out of Super Mario Run will come down to your keenness to replay and to vacuum up each set of coins. Players that fall for it will find it hard, challenging and a compelling exercise that you can lose hours to.

Outside the Tour mode there is a Toad Rally, an asynchronous multiplayer that judges your Mario grit against other players. By performing enough tricks, you will get a speed-boosting ‘coin rush’, with gold treats pouring down. Toad Rally is faster and hyper than the World Tour as you squall through each stage collecting as many coins as you can.  It comes expensive than much of its competitors but rest is guaranteed that you are paying for quality.

The only thing that misses the point in downloading such a lovable and fun game is that you will be requiring a decent roaming connection. Also Super Mario Run will not gobble up your battery. The game is good enough to play at home with a solid Wi-Fi connection but then, what’s the point?

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