The Best iPhone Music Apps In 2017

Music streaming services are available a penny a dozen. However, some are certainly better than others thanks to features and other perks offered. What really makes a music streaming app truly stand out is the content available. Read on to know which music streaming apps we have rated as the top iOS apps.

  1. Apple Music

Apple Music

Apple’s music streaming service which was launched in June 2015 offers an exhaustive array of music. All this and more is available through a monthly subscription fee of just USD 9.99. Enjoy a collection of curated playlists according to your preferences and music listening history. Additionally, users can enjoy access to Apple Music’s Beats 1, a worldwide radio station that has celebrity DJ’s playing their favourite tracks 24 hours a day. Not only are the features great, but the interface is also user-friendly and beautifully designed.

  1. Spotify


Spotify, the world’s biggest and most popular music streaming service also offers a massive library of music to check out. For a monthly subscription fee of USD 9.99, users can even download content for offline listening, from the entire collection. A benefit that the app offers over Apple Music is that Spotify allows you to play all your music on shuffle mode without having to pay for any of the songs.

  1. YouTube


While YouTube focuses primarily on videos, users can choose to use the app for only streaming music if they wish. What is great about this app is that you receive a wide range of recommendations according to what you have listened to in the past. With a well organised interface, you can group your top songs under ‘Favourites’ so finding them in the future is much easier. YouTube also offers specially curated playlists that are automatically generated and sorted by genre, artist or album. YouTube can also be enjoyed ad free, by simply subscribing to YouTube Red.

  1. Amazon Music

Amazon Music

All those with a subscription to Amazon Prime must check out the Amazon Music app right away! This membership allows you to access the entire catalogue that Amazon offers, and even lets you stream and download music. The app recommends music according to your listening history and even suggests playlists for specific activities. Check out the genre-based radio stations and enjoy endless streaming!

  1. TIDAL


The music streaming service created by artist Jay Z, TIDAL offers a wide variety of exclusive content. With playlists that are specially curated by celebrities like Jay Z, Macklemore, Beyoncé, and many others, this app offers compensation directly to artists themselves. For a membership fee of USD 9.99 each month, users can listen to high-quality music. While the curated content focuses more on R&B, soul music and hip-hop, TIDAL offers access to an array of genres.

What is your favourite music streaming app?

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