The Best Smart Home Devices Of 2017

From work space to home, from public life to private, it seems like technology has successfully invaded all the areas one could possibly think of. With every passing day, we are increasingly becoming more dependent on technology and coping with it in our own little ways. Today, we’ll be discussing about how you could make the best of technology by using some smart home devices. Let’s take a look.

iBaby Monitor M6S

ibaby mobitor

This product is being offered by a start-up and is the most notable in the baby monitor market right now, probably because of a few technical features. The iBaby Monitor M6S is just another camera but with a well-designed app. At a constant 1080p, the M6S’s video and connection quality is one of the best in the market. Additionally, the lullabies and the recorded stories are the USPs of the product. It streams consistently while you’re away from home and remains receptive to pan/tilt controls. There is a simple touchscreen interface designed for its mobile app and the quality of the two-way audio is high. The monitor is priced at $230 and isn’t perfect either. Its reliance on an app and not having a standalone base station monitor could be a little problematic. It is because you may have to constantly check your mobile to keep a watch on your baby who is just a few rooms away – that could drain your phone battery very quickly.

Anova Culinary Precision Cooker Wi-Fi

wifi cooker

If you like sous vide cooking—a process where food is sealed in plastic and then kept in a hot bath to cook to precision—you will be requiring an immersion circulator to begin with. The Anova Culinary Precision Cooker uses the Wi-Fi connectivity so that you could control it from anywhere, even while you’re away. There is a big dial which would help you to set the right temperature within a tenth of a degree, an LED display which shows the current water temperature and an app that keeps notifying you of the cooking process step by step. It makes cooking sous vide really simple.

Serena Remote Controlled Shades

remote controlled shades

Automated shades can really be a cool gadget for your living room and an important tool to access the window shades in hard-to-reach places. These smart shades and blinds have a lot of potential. Lutron’s Serena Remote Controlled Shades are integrated with Siri voice control and a geofencing-based automation for thermostats and lights. The shades are simple to set up. Your mobile app will communicate with the plugged-in Caseta Bridge, which in turn would sync with the Serena Shades using a low-energy communication protocol.

Neato Botvac Connected

robot vaccum

Robot vacuums are getting very popular these days. Neato Botvac Connected will render its services by keeping your house clean. With its U-shape design, it is able to reach every tight corner of your room and against walls which other robot vacuum cleaners can’t. It has a laser guided navigation system and has a built-in Wi-Fi for app control integrated on your smartphone, you can switch it on from anywhere you want to even when you are not at home and come back to a clean abode.

Robomow RS622

Robot Lawn mover

Albeit Robot lawn mowers don’t come cheap, but they are great tools for your lawns. These can handle up to 23,000 square feet once you set up a perimeter to make the mower go on its automated cutting pattern. Its dual two-season cutting blades can help it to spin at 4,000 rpm, insulating grass back into the soil so that there’s no need for cleaning up or throwing bags of grass.

That’s all for now; don’t forget to share your views in the comment section below.

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