The Best Sound Bars

With changes in technology, the way in which people want to watch movies and TV shows at home is also changing rapidly. New smartphones and tablets now let us access our favorite programs in ways we have never imagined before, and view them on big-screen HDTVs or from the gadgets themselves. The desire to go wireless or at least, reduce the number of wires,has never been greater.

Enter the home theater sound-bar, a long, thin speaker attachment that is either below or situated above your HDTV. Initially they use to sound poor, were cheaply builtstandby for a surround-sound system, the sound-bar has progressed extremely over the past several years. Either way, consumer electronics manufacturers have learned how to get high-quality audio output from the sound-bar form factor.

Today’s sound-bars come with surplus features. Some are capable of streaming music wireless over Bluetooth. Others come with a companion wireless subwoofer for more intense and extended bass response.

Here’s a look at the popular sound-bars. One of them is guaranteed to fit your needs and budget, and all of them will sound better than the feeble speakers built into your HDTV.

Sharp HT-SB602


Sharp sound-bars are a modest way to replace your HDTV’s insignificant speakers with a powerful sound system, but most are designed for screens smaller than 55 inches. If you have a really big HDTV, it would easily dwarf the average sound-bar. It features a slim wireless sub woofer and Bluetooth connectivity, and offers generally very good performance across the board.

Sony HT-CT260 Home Theater Sound-bar


The Sony HT-CT260 sound-bar is an awesome choice for improving your HDTV’s audio with a wireless subwoofer and warm midrange response, but built-in Bluetooth lets you turn it into a powerful sound system for your smartphone or tablet as well.

Zvox SoundBase 570


If you want to add rich sound to your HDTV, you have a few choices. You can get a separate set of speakers to arrange around your screen and living room. You can get a sound-bar to place in front your HDTV. Or you can get a speaker slab that serves as amodest stand for your screen while providing the audio power you need. The Zvox SoundBase 570 is one such slab, and while it’s not quite as thin or invisible as some others we’ve seen, its sound quality more than makes up for it.

Sony HT-CT770 Home Theater Sound-bar



Sony’s HT-CT770 sound-bar packs a lot of features and an amazing amount of power into a sleek, modernized package. It also has a built-in Bluetooth and include a wireless subwoofer.

Polk N1 Surround-bar


Polk Audio is trying its hands at making gaming accessories, and is designed for the Xbox One. The N1 Surround- bar sounds full and clear, even if the lack of a separate subwoofer hurts low-end performance.

Hope you like our list of sound-bars to buy for yourself or to gift your loved one this season.

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