The Best Touch-Screen Phones

Presently the touch-screen interface has finally become ordinary.

In the past, it was comparatively hard to round up good touch-screen phones. These days, high-quality touch-screen-based interfaces have made their way our lives.

Let us have a look at the best touch-screen phones.

Google Nexus 6


Nexus is a phone that moves away from the usual ‘super cheap smart phone’ and into phablet category with its latest contribution. The good news is the screen is also boosted: massive at 6 inches, it’s also got a fabulous QHD resolution. You will always be busy updating the latest updates to Google’s Android OS with this phone. Its marvellous display, premium specs and great use of Android 5.0 Lollipop make one of the best phablets to date. It’s expensive, but it’s the best Nexus ever manufactured.



With power, dignity and attractiveness all pooled in this ground-breaking phone, HTC has proved it can compete with the big names when it comes to bringing out an envy-worthy flagship smartphone. The best aluminium chassis, the Full HD screen and the basic version of Sense 5.0 resting now on top of Android KitKat means it’s still a delight to use and praise this handset.

Sony Xperia Z1 Compact


Want a great phone that’s just compact but loaded with power? If so, then we have found your ideal device. Strong CPU, great battery and expandable memory are qualities you love to see. With a 4.3-inch screen it’s one of the devices that fit in your hand, but it does it with a much lower cost and a great battery life. Plus it is waterproof and has expandable memory, plus a superb screen.

Samsung Galaxy S5

1441630968_tmp_Samsung-Galaxy-S5-Shimmery-White-SDL695712857-1-73301It’s by far the best phone Samsung has ever manufactured, with a tremendous fast core, a strong result in the yardsticks and a larger 5.1-inch screen. Then there’s the detail that with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 CPU the Galaxy S5 is one of the best phones on the market when it comes to battery life. The S5 has a clear UI, powerful innards and is also waterproof.

OnePlus One


It’s a phone that has all the power, specs and functionality of the top dogs, has super-customisable software and is reasonably priced.

Sony Xperia Z2


Great battery life, strong power and a good camera all are present in this smart phone. Front facing speakers, a new screen with better colour reproduction, 4K video recording and inbuilt noise cancellation all of this makes it an amazing phone.

HTC One M8


You will love the speed of the camera, the Duo Camera is smart, the Boomsound upgrade is remarkable and the design is awesome. Gaming, movies, photography, browsing all work really well, and in a phone that gave a tough competition to its rivals.

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Mobile Upgrades: Killing The Product Before Its Time?

Have to agree. The speed of newer phone models within the same series and newer app versions lead to more thought put into buying decisions. Phone lines have a definite short shelf life

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Frequently upgrading the software is a real problem as updating the software might cause your phone to lag because of the older hardware.

Shivendra Singh

They should come out with upgrades for the specific phones and not for the separate Operating System. This way a special version for your phones specific hardware can be made

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They should come out with upgrades for the specific phones and not for the separate Operating System. This way a special version for your phones specific hardware can be made

Maalin Ashar

Q5 blackberry

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