The Challenges We Face Due To Digital Age

Imagine a 13 yr old explaining to you how the iOS in an Apple iPhone 6 works. Now imagine a 30 yr old doing the same. Which one of the two do you think will be able to explain it more confidently? Not just in terms of the technicality, but also its detailed functioning and applications.

Keep that same visual in mind and imagine the same 13yr old and 30yr old respectively being asked ‘When did India receive its independence’? That moment of hesitation that just crossed your mind, that right there – is the biggest challenge of the digital age!

The virtual world is a mini encyclopaedia, a digital catalogue in itself. Digitization of the media has lead the masses in being more informed at a quicker pace. Use of online textbooks, e-newspapers and referral materials are helping us become eco-friendly by saving paper. The unlimited cloud storage gives us opportunities to document our memories as well as preserve our heritage and lineage for the future.

Consumers today are more aware and wiser. One can self-learn to analyze the pros and cons of embarking upon a new venture and even stay updated with the ever changing market trends; one can absolutely multi-task without much hassle. Acquiring contact numbers of long-lost friends, networking with professionals and coordinating for occasions has become much easier. Social media is become a raving hit, especially with the younger generation!

Yes, the virtual world is vast. On one hand, we can explore and enhance our existing knowledge with a plethora of unlimited information; share user experiences, discuss products and services, opine about social issues, and when it comes to advertising and marketing, the opportunities are simply infinite.

While at the same time on the other hand, we are sub-consciously embracing modernization. Irrationally being attracted to the western culture, losing out on the basic value of reading and building up our lives around the easy concept of ‘cut, copy, paste’ is an omen that the age of digitization – although a boon, can prove to be a destructive addiction. Being glued to our smartphones 24×7, checking in each and every activity, we are literally inviting upon us the lurching evils of cyber-crimes.

In spite of all the luxuries available, somewhere down the line, the ease to access and availability of options is contributing to creation of chaos and hampering an individual’s thinking process. The world has come closer and knowledge is available for free on the World Wide Web. Yes, that is a great feat that technology has helped us achieve. But, at the same time, it has also made us irrevocably dependent on it.

The personal and humane touch is seemingly diminishing. There are maps for navigating across geographical locations, there is Facebook for social yet impersonal interaction, and the ultimate Whatsapp for non-stop communication. And this may sound ironic, but the language, especially the aspect of grammar has gone for a complete toss – right from Microsoft Word auto-correcting our errors, to the T9 dictionary completing our words.

The advent of the digital age has created an uproar and people are getting carried away. The only way to tackle challenges is to strategically adapt to it, while ensuring that we remain firm on the fact that technology exists for human betterment and not the other way around.

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by techtalks @TechTalks August 10, 2015 12:03 PM UTC


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