The HP Backpack That Recharges Your Laptop

Forgetting to charge our laptops, smartphones, and tablets is almost a daily phenomenon with all of us. In the midst of the most important work, we find these gadgets run out of power. It has happened many times and we end up cursing ourselves.

In an ideal situation, there should be no need to recharge our electronic devices. But in reality, such devices still pack a battery that’s unlikely to last a full day. Most of us carry powerbanks and chargers as a solution to this problem. While chargers are subject to the availability of charging points, powerbanks are restricted in terms of their internal backup capacity.


But global IT hardware major HP might just have answered all these concerns with its new Powerup Backpack. Armed with an 84Wh, 22,400mAh onboard battery this backpack can recharge your tablet up to three times, your smartphone up to nine times, and your HP laptop fully. Well, you can’t recharge all these devices at a single go, but at least it’s nice to know that you have extra power at your disposal whenever you hit the road.

The Powerup Backpack offers priority charging where you can decide which device to charge first. If you want to charge your smartphone fully before your laptop, you can do that or vice-versa. It also maintains and monitors the temperature of the devices to prevent them from overheating. The built-in heat sensor helps in adjusting the temperature and stops the charge if things get too warm.

There are a few downsides though. At 4.2lbs, the Powerup Backpack is a tad heavier than most laptops available in the market today. Throw in all your electronic devices the device can charge, some books, and clothes for an overnight trip, and you have a pretty heavy load on your shoulders. The laptop recharging is specific only to HP laptops, or at least the ones that are compatible with the 19V, 7.4mm or 4.5mm barrel connectors. You can’t plug in other laptops that don’t have a compatible socket. So XPS and MacBook users have to hunt elsewhere.

Besides, the micro USB cable included with the backpack, is only compatible with Android smartphones. Sorry again for iOS users. But all fans of the iPad and iPhone can resolve the issue by buying compatible cables to plug into the backpack battery.


The HP Powerup Backpack has organised cable routing and ventilated pockets that the company brands as “intelligent”. The default colour scheme of the laptop—black canvas with a tan handle—is really attractive. Other than some small HP logos, there’s nothing much that can suggest which manufacturer made the product.

The backpack conforms to the US Transportation Security Administration. You have to check with the relevant regulations of other countries before you board your flight with that massive battery in the backpack.

The HP Powerup Backpack is expected to be introduced in India soon. It’s available for $200 on pre-order at Amazon. Sales are likely to begin in October.

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