The Spookiest Games On Android

Do you like playing horror games? Well, we have managed to dig out some of the best horror games from Google Play to send a chill down your spine! Here’s our pick of the best.



The folks behind Dead Trigger 1 and Dead Trigger 2, MADFINGER Games, have now released UNKILLED, a new and totally unlike other first-person zombie shooter games. Here, you make your way through the streets of New York City during the onset of a zombie apocalypse, using the right side for aim and the left side of the screen for movement. Your weapon shoots routinely once something comes in your sight; the controls of the game are extremely smooth but the best part is when you move through the undead hordes with like rockets and ‘bullet-time’ buffs. With a good storyline and the latest tech, you must try out this game.

Dread Halls

If you own a VR headset, check out Dread Halls. This game is utterly terrifying, hurling scary beasties right at you. Try to play it in a room with padded walls, as you may possibly run right into one if you try to escape.

Earn to Die 2


In this game, you drive a vehicle – accelerated to the maximum with lethal weapons across apocalyptic 2D platform levels, trying to slay as many zombies as possible. You get ten vehicles to choose varying from the classic ice cream van of death to sports cars. Unlike the original game which took place mostly in desert, its sequel walks you through the urban landscapes.

The Walking Dead


Telltale’s critically acclaimed The Walking Dead is an episodic interactive adventure horror game. The game is pulled by the dialogue choices of the player and their actions during quick time events, which can often lead to certain characters being killed, or an unpleasant change in the nature of a certain character.

The Last Door


Don’t underestimate the game by looking at its retro pixilated graphics. It’s a point n’ click game where as you go down deeper into those menacing locales, the horror and tension will creep up.

Mental Hospital 3


This effective yet simple FPS game will let you explore an old asylum, a tour that turns out to be imprudent. The game has a night vision mode to see what’s moving in the shadows which will make for some jackrabbit moments.

Dark Meadow: The Pact


A classic Android horror game which will limit your ability to plan a move while the blood-hungry creatures run right towards you. Your aiming should be precise with exact timing in order to take them down.

Eyes – the horror game


A list of horror games without Eyes is indeed incomplete. With graphics like never before, this game is meant for horror game fanatics. The controls used to complete the goal are deceivingly easy. Search for an old house to reclaim bags of money. A virtual stick lets you move back and forward, moving your thumb on the right side of the screen rotates your view, and you can pick up objects by tapping them. The hard part is gathering courage to plunder and loot.

Into the Dead


This is an outstanding running and shooting game with great graphics and sound surroundings. This game is fun and the zombies are really cool. If you really love to slaughter zombies then you must try out this game.

If we have missed out on any other android horror games, let us know in the comments!

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