The Ultimate Guide to Google Play Music

There is certainly no shortage of apps available for streaming music. However, Google Play Music is undoubtedly one of the most widely available and useful apps. Though it has become heavier over the past years, the app still offers several benefits, making it an app that is worth discovering. Here’s everything that you can do on Google Play Music.

Google Play Music

Enjoy an unlimited membership

Using this app, you can stream radio shows, preview entire songs, and even upload up to 50,000 songs to your account. However, in order to enjoy the full experience of the app, you must subscribe. The unlimited membership which costs USD 9.99 per month allows a user to access all the latest features.

Try out a family plan

You probably had no idea that Google Play Music offers a membership, let alone a family pack. For the cost of USD 14.99, up to six people can enjoy a membership that allows them to access the All Access Library. Though this does not allow you to share uploaded and purchased music, you can still use this membership to share the YouTube Red and All Access subscription.

Search for music

Search for your favourite music by artist, genre, song title or band. Google Play Music also offers a number of stations, which is the perfect way to discover new tracks! Additionally, you can even use this feature to play music according to a certain activity.

Curate a station

When you are listening to music you can rate it either ‘thumbs-up’ or ‘thumbs-down’. This will then allow the songs that you like to play more often and stop the ones that you dislike from playing.

Create a playlist

With the Google Play Music app, you can even create your own personalized playlist. Thanks to the user-friendly interface that is well-designed, this function needs no further explanation!

Subscribe to a podcast

Google Play offers users access to a wide range of podcasts. Discover new podcasts as you explore the collection and choose whether to subscribe to them or not.

Purchase music

Get the latest music as the Google Play Music app allows users to quickly purchase songs with just a single tap. Now, there is no need to even leave the app to build your song library. When you wish to purchase a song, the app will take you to the where the track is listed under the album on the Play Store.

Download music

With this app, you can not only discover new music, but also download the songs to listen to later on. So you no longer need a network connection or data to stream music. Choose to download either a full album, playlist or podcast. You don’t even need to manually download music to listen, instead you can simply choose the setting which automatically caches music when you play a track.

There are several other cool features that are available through the Google Play Music app and with the regular updates, this will only get better.

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