The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Review

Description and Plot

The Witcher 3 is a high fantasy, action role-playing game which is set in an open world environment. It is the third instalment in The Witcher series, which is based on the series of fantasy novels published by Polish writer Andrez Sapkowski. Players of the game control the protagonist Geralt of Rivia, who is a monster hunter (also known as witcher) as he sets out on his journey into the Northern Kingdoms. Through the game, the players battle the evils and challenges of the world using swords and magic. They also interact with non-playing characters and complete the missions of the game to progress further.



This instalment of Witcher is 30 times larger than the previous editions of the series. Combat revolves around a role-playing system alongside the use of magic. There are some new elements added to this edition such as the ability to sense nearby objects, people and important materials/resources (the witcher’s sense), using a crossbow, swimming underwater and combat on horseback and at sea. The creators of the game have worked on the combat situations to make it more realistic and believable. This has led to combat scenes becoming much more fluid and cohesive than seen in previous instalments. The game features advanced dynamics and environments. The cycle of day and night often influences the power levels of many monsters within the game, similar to the common motif that werewolves often come to life during the night of a full moon.

The game features a realistic and dynamic beard growth system, where the protagonist’s beard grows as he spends time in the world. The map of the game is a massive open and free world which the player can roam mostly freely, depending on which part of the story is being played. The game features several locations such as villages, swamps, castles and large territorial empires. Every location has a large number of villages, with each village having its own social and economic conditions. The creators have paid great attention to detail by making the open world very interactive with the help of abandoned villages, caves and haunted forests.


The plot of the game might not be very interesting but the characters who play a part in it are. There is excellent combat and gameplay, which elevates this game to a calibre where very few role playing games have reached. It is a treat for those gamers who love to lose themselves in the lush and sprawling virtual world. It finds a perfect sense of balance between giving the gamer things to do and allowing its spaces to breathe. The in-depth attention to detail is note-worthy as well and the creators have focused on minute details such as conversations between characters and making them as real as possible. The current paragon of role-playing titles and open worlds, The Witcher: Wild Hunt is a game for the ages; it is gaming personified.

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