Things To Check Before You Get Rid Of Your Old Gadgets

Thinking of selling your old phone or a tablet? Please go ahead. But before you do so, here are a few important things you should be concerned about.

Your old phone, tablet or laptop must be loaded with tons of music, videos, pictures and documents which are very important. Have you backed them up yet? Tools like Dropbox, OneDrive, iCloud sure would take care of all that but try to do an audit of everything just to make sure. So here’s a checklist to work through if you don’t want to leave behind any trace of your personal data, and delete them completely before saying ta-ta to your old gadgets.



Securely erasing data

wastepaper-binTo be completely worry-free, you might want to encrypt your data before deleting stuff from your phone or tablet. This is already taken care of for iOS users and the option is under Security. Go to Settings on Android (double-check you’ve backed up all your files before you get started). You can then do factory reset so it’s as good as new (on the software side at least).

You could also make sure the data is securely erased on any computers you’re giving away, mostly those with non-SSD drives installed inside. On Mac OS, you can use Secure Empty Trash and Erase Free Space options in Finder and Disk Utility respectively. For Android users, Eraser and CCleaner will do the job.

Not signed out of all your accounts?



Sometimes, not signing out from certain accounts can get you into serious trouble. If you are using iPhone or iPad or iPod touch, Apple suggests signing out of iCloud before you attempt to delete everything from your device so that the next owner doesn’t find any difficulty.

Make sure you’ve uncoupled your computer or phone from your account before erasing it, as it becomes difficult to do so afterwards. With the desktop and mobile software, from iTunes to Photoshop, your account can be allied with a definite number of devices only once at a time.

Google Authenticator


Apps such as Google Authenticator is important for many of us, and we should successfully transfer it over to the new device before handling it out to someone. You can look for official transfer instructions online for all the apps you are using. Remember that any account that uses SMS codes to login will need to be reconfigured with your new mobile number. Be sure to prove your identity on a new piece of hardware.

Looking for your stuff?



It’s usually the non-obvious files that put people into difficulty: Old desktop programs you can’t easily download again, videos that are in some hidden folders you’ve overlooked, addresses which you’ve saved in a text file somewhere, or mobile apps that don’t have some kind of automatic backup and restore facility. Check and double-check that everything is covered.

Don’t miss out on anything the next owner needs



Do not forget to include chargers, setup software, and accessories, quick start guides whatever the next owner of your device may be requiring.

It isn’t that hard to pass on your old device like it used to be when you had to write down all the contacts literally. However do not rush, because you do not want to overlook those little important things or else you simply invite trouble!

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