Things To Know Before You Buy A Chinese Smartphone

With most of the spots in the Smartphone market flooded by the China based companies, it is about time we know the enigma behind their success. Although they mainly concentrate outside the western markets, they are pretty well-known globally as well.

Here are the ten things to look for before buying a Chinese Smartphone

Ear Plugs

Chinese Smartphone companies are very focused in manufacturing price friendly handsets which are often enforced to take shortcuts. The major element non-existence of earphones; it’s just simply not part of the package. However, as a part of the deal breaker they use this ploy, so just be alert.

Internal Storage

 This is another overpowering way of cutting the costs of your Smartphone by keep very insignificant internal storage. Especially in their ultra- reasonable mobile phones, they have an alternative of expanding the memory with the microSD card. However, the innovative Smartphones do not let you store applications over SD cards, thus phones preferably to come with at least 8GB of internal storage.

Chinese Power Plugs

Since the gadget is bought from China, it is quite likely to come with a local power plug which may not be compatible with the power socket of India for which you will have to buy an adapter or charge using the USB. You can also make use of old power plugs lying around your house which are bit underpowered; it is just that your phone will take a longer time to charge.


Some Chinese Smartphones that are expensive come with a scratch-resistant camera to avoid scratches on the lens. Low cost Chinese devices tend to be exposed to the camera features making it more susceptible to getting scratched. So it’s better to use a protective guard or just keep your phone away from objects that could damage the cover.

Poor Quality Touchscreen

 The omission of the expensive Chinese Smartphones, the low cost phones still do come with bad quality touch screen. The phone tends to come with poor touch sensor. The low touch screen quality interrupts with the touch recognition too.


The major Chinese brands also provide very satisfactory software support for their devices. The popular makers either fail to afford it or simply don’t bother. The result is that the phone from Android 4.3 Jelly bean tends to jump to Kitkat, or just alone Android Lollipop.

Crashing and Freezing

 Crashing, freezing or rebooting is the concern faced on most of the Smartphones. It’s worth noting that the lesser manufactures do a very little on these issues faced, But when it does face this problem it’s the users who have to experience the displeasure.

Poor Screen Protection

Almost every smartphone makers are now having Gorilla Glass to shield unanticipated scratches on the screen. But, low-cost smartphones by Chinese dealers has very little protecting material on the screen and can easily get smashed or scratched.

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