Top 10 Shooter Games For Android

Currently there are infinite number of apps on the Google Play Store for Android smartphones and tablets, plus new ones are launched every day. It is difficult to check all of them and find games worth downloading, playing, or paying for. For those who love action, here are best shooter games for Android.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout


Developed by Gameloft, it features some of the best graphics till date on a mobile game, fabulous gameplay, mind blowing action, and plenty of ammos to throw around. With Modern Combat you get a brilliant and thrilling story line for promotion mode where the world is on the threshold of mayhem, a superb multiplayer mode where you can build your own team of killers, and five various classes you can move up to.

The Spec-Ops tasks are exceptionally fun, and to make this free game even better it has some of the best music, voice actors and best graphics for all the roles making it a very lifelike console game for mobile devices. This is a must try, especially if you have a game controller, Android TV, or an NVIDIA Shield device.

Zombie Gunship


Zombie Gunship puts allows you to be the gunner on a military airplane whose job is to shoot down a never-ending stream of zombies making their way towards your base. The game has exceptional graphics and stimulating gameplay to keep you playing for a long time.

Death Trigger 2


Dead Trigger 2 has a gameplay that is addictive, the graphics are simply incomparable, and are even better on NVIDIA-powered devices with realistic physics, active lighting, and excellent detail.

With 40 million people left on the planet and killer zombies walking the street you will have a stash of high-powered weapons to fight off the hordes. You can unlock additional weapons, like a chainsaw or buy weapons with real money if you are anxious.



Are you looking for multiplayer shooting game for Android, then SHADOWGUN is for you. The game is few years old, but the newer Deadzone focuses on multiplayer, and it’s actually extremely fun if there are enough players. You get to crouch behind walls, jump over barriers and toss bombs while combating enemies in this fast-paced FPS multiplayer game.

Call of Duty: Strike Team


This has a first and third person experience and is pretty remarkable. You will be leading a Joint Special Operations Team in an international effort to save the world from big war. The campaign mode is awesome, but it’s the survival mode that will interest you and have you tapping the screen of your Android device way harder than you should.

Fields of Battle


Just like real paintball this is a fast game with a one-hit, elimination strategy. They brag it has innovative motion and gesture based controls including sliding, diving, leaning out from cover, throwing bombs, and more to be the best shooting game on Android. The game is free but there are ample of in-app purchases to get more arms and ammunition, hold more paint balls, and load up on gear.

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