Top 3 Gaming Consoles To Watch Out For In 2017

Are you a diehard gamer who is in line to beat records and set new ones? The kind that has a virtual world that’s more exciting than the reality around? Or the kind that’s just setting foot into the world of gaming, looking to discover and experience the excitement that surrounds consoles? The New Year started with a flurry of new releases, suggestions, what to expect and what’s promising. The gaming world was no different either, especially when it comes to consoles. We have compiled a list of some of the most exciting releases this year. We bring you the top 3 most highly recommended gaming consoles for 2017!

PlayStation 4 Pro

A definite pick for the Sony loyalists, the new PS4 Pro boasts of a 4K resolution. The highlight being that the striking output extends even to gaming (this would still depend on the developer
who might make the choice to use the feature in their games)


Codenamed ‘Neo,’ the PS4 comes with an upgrade of 1TB storage and a DualShock controller that features a touchpad, a dedicated share button, and of course, motion control. The only downside to this upgrade seems to the fact that PlayStation has discontinued Blu-ray disc support with the PS4 Pro. What you can expect for sure is a quality 4K HDR output on your 1080p television.

Microsoft Xbox One S

This is for the ones who have never owned an Xbox but are planning to buy one. Also boasting of a 4K resolution, the new Xbox is almost 4 percent smaller than its predecessor. While in comparison to Xbox One, it doesn’t have as much to boast about, the Xbox One S is a definitely the best one in the line so far. It comes with a 2TB storage upgrade, a sleek new slimmer design,
with controllers that boast of Bluetooth connectivity.

xbox one s

Nintendo NES Classic Edition

Here’s one that’s sure to rake up some sweet old nostalgic memories! A handy console that not only looks and feels like the good old yesteryear’s of gaming but also comes with a choice of games that reminds you of the same! You might find it hard to get your hands on the much coveted Nintendo NES Classic Edition, but it is sure worth the trouble! The best part is it comes with 30 built-in games, including the likes of Super Mario Bros and The Legend of Zelda.


Nintendo nes classic
Launched in November 2016, the portable console is also quite light on the pocket when compared to the rest on this list. But the new Nintendo NES Classic has pretty much been sold out across the table, with mint condition ones being resold for a higher amount!

You would see a plethora of options out there but hardcore gamers know that it truly boils down to the two major players – PlayStation and the Xbox. With the much-sought after Nintendo Classic thrown in, you would find yourself making a choice between the 3 most coveted consoles of the year, thus far.

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Nintendo NES Classic

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