Top 5 Nintendo Wii U Games

While Nintento Wii U hasn’t been as big a hit as its predecessor Wii, there are more than enough games to get the fans and newcomers interested. Not all of them use the much endorsed tablet-styled controller apart from a smaller screen to play your game on, but these are still awesome to have. Here’s a list of all the games you absolutely need to play on Nintendo’s newest and debatably greatest home console.




This new Wii U attempt from Ubisoft still holds up rather well largely due to smart game play procedure. You have to play as a survivor during a zombie apocalypse. On getting killed (which will repeat a lot), you’ll take on the role of a different survivor instead of just restarting at a checkpoint. So, in order to get the gear and weapons you were carrying before you died last, you have to hit upon and kill your old character, which has been turned into a deadly zombie. There’s a smart use of the Wii U GamePad to let you hack and nag too, which makes this game really stand out.

Hyrule Warriors



In this hack and slash game from Omega Force and Team Ninja Players, you can play as the hero who has to defend the Hyrule Kingdom from being ripped apart by evil sorceress and her army. The warrior players have unique weapon and they can unleash the fury with over-the-top moves. Players will trade with waves of enemies and there will be one boss character that they have to kill.

If you have to crush these enemies, you need to choose the right tool and that comes with finding items on the battlefields. Players will also have to solve puzzles and will also be getting access to new places on the map. The game boasts of re-imaged world intended for combat, some of the favorite characters, stunning visuals and huge battlefields.

The money earned via battles will help warriors advance their armory and weapons. The game also allows for a 2-player co-op mode using the Wii U GamePad controller.

 Mario Kart 8



Mario Kart 8 brings us stunning tracks varying from the standard mix of castles and cityscapes, and interstellar classics like Rainbow Road. The production values are striking to say the least. Everything from the visuals to the sound do a great job of making the action come alive. Attached with slick controls and downloadable content that’s actually worth a purchase, you get a kart racing game that’s going to be played till the end of days.

Super Smash Bros for Wii U




Smash Bros is what happens when the fine people at Nintendo decide to crate its classic characters against each other in a fighting game. From stalwarts like Mario, to more murky ones like Ness from the EarthBound, there’s a lot to choose from. Although Super Smash Bros is available in 3D as well, we prefer the Wii U version due to its long list of supported controllers, from the Wii U gamepad all the way to the now ancient GameCube controller.

 Super Mario 3D World



With creative levels and remarkable power-ups, this sixth original 3D platformer in the Super Mario series a joy to play. There are a swarm of characters to choose from, both single and multiplayer modes and alert controls. The high definition graphics and contagious sound track lift up the very zenith of platforming goodness.

Nintendo’s next console, the mystifying NX, may be coming up faster than we think. But buying a Wii U right now will give you an entrance to free online multiplayer, Wii backwards compatibility, and most significantly, a leisurely growing library of modern Nintendo classics like the 10 games featured on this list. From old favorites like Mario and Donkey Kong, to trigger-happy squid kids, to sexy witches, this console is full of amusing surprises.

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