Top 5 Online Dating Apps

Over the last decade, the internet has brought the world closer and has changed the way we interact socially. With the advancement of smart phones and the features they offer, more and more people are warming up to online dating sites.  Smart phones offer an easier way to meet other singles around them.  Although, the male female ratio is skewed on these sites, as more men register than women, there are a few sites that have been able to manage this ratio well.

Here are top five dating sites you should download, if you are single and ready to mingle.



Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps in the world and has a rather interesting and convenient way of functioning.  The app shows possible matches and then you can decide whether you like them or not.  The other person also has to like you in order to for you to chat with them.  The app uses all your information from your Facebook account and then posts it on the website. You are saved from the pain of rejection as the app only shares the information of those who have liked you. The app has been applauded for its emphasis on privacy and has received positive reviews as well as has huge database of active users.



This app is exclusively designed for Indians, and is a safe bet for the ladies. The app involves basic screening process where it filters out doubtful profiles, so you don’t have to deal with creeps and have a bad dating experience. Users are able to rate each other based on their profile pictures and the data provided. You can chat with each other via video chat to verify the genuineness of the person.  Ladies, it is a wise idea to keep your camera off while chatting. You can also use audio verification so you don’t need to give out personal details such as your phone number.  The app is slightly slow, but with regular updates and a growing database, it is a decent app to check out.

Woo Dating App


Woo is a matchmaking app that assists you in meeting new and interesting people in your city. The app helps you meet people who have the same interests and lifestyle and are looking for something long term.  You can also ask common friends on Facebook to give you a little push in the right direction.  It provides a perfect platform for people who are looking for long term and meaningful relationships but do not subscribe to the traditional way of meeting people.

Desi Crush


Desi crush is app exclusively designed for Indian users. The app allows you to find matches in your city as well as the Indian community. It is little complicated to sign up, as there are multiple levels, where you need to enter information. Many of these features on this app need to be paid for, therefore the choices are limited. The app is gaining popularity, as there are very few apps that cater exclusively to Indian users.

Truly Madly Dating App


Truly madly dating app has been accepted as the most secure dating app. The app conducts a very strict screening process to authenticate profiles so that all the creepy and fake profile can be sifted out. The app validates your employment history through your company profile and looks for ID proofs, social profiles, phones number and other relevant information.  The app uses only government-approved documentation as ID proof.

Our Verdict

There are many dating apps in the market and they have large databases and use apps like Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn to make your profile.  These apps bring all singles together so they can mingle without hesitation. Download these apps and begin the mingling.

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