Top Competitors To One Plus 2

Last year, the mobile market was stormed by One Plus One, a budget priced high-end phone Smartphone launched by a Chinese start-up. Now this year it has launched One Plus 2. To meet up with the expectations, One Plus 2 is said to have best specs available in the market which includes fingerprint sensor.

Even though they claim to have the best specs, there are phones that will give a tough competition to One Plus 2. Let’s have look at the toughest rivals.

iPhone 6



With bigger screen size and redefined design, Apple’s iPhone 6 is more attractive than its predecessor. For ease of access, the single home button is at the same place but the power button is moved to the right side off the phone. All in all it still remains one of the best phones even after 10 months of its launch.

iPhone 6 Plus



More of phablet then a phone, iPhone 6 Plus from the Apple ware house sports a similar style like iPhone 6, but is loaded with bigger screen and better camera. The camera is improved and it has image stabilizer which is still not seen in any smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge



Galaxy S6 Edge comes from the family of Samsung and is a sibling to Galaxy S6. It has a similar design to Phablet Galaxy Note 4. But, S6 Edge has an extended curvy screen edge. It still resembles Galaxy S6 in terms of specs and built quality.

HTC One M9 +


From the family of HTC, One M9 + sports similar specifications as One M9 with an add-on feature of finger print scanner. Even the handset sports a similar design as One M9.




New launched phone LG G4 is grabbing attention in the mobile market. The team of LG has made good efforts to fit in a large screen as well maintain the same size as it predecessor. Moreover, this high-end phone comes with detachable back along with microSD card slot for storage expansion.

Asus ZenFone 2



It is the only smartphone in India that sports a massive 4GB RAM. It is loaded with 8 megapixels rear camera and a 2 megapixels front camera. It delivers a good show with its Intel atom processor.

Sony Xperia Z3+


Known in Japan as Xperia Z4, it is launched in India as Xperia Z3+. It still retains the design of its older sibling Xperia Z3+ including the primary camera. The only enhancements include a 5.1 MP front-facing camera and the latest high-end chipset.

Xiaomi Mi 4



Under the current flagship smartphone in India, it has a 3GB RAM and premium metal frame. The phone recently dropped its price and it costs only Rs.14,999 before it was priced at Rs.17,999.

Samsung Note 4


Launched last summer, this Phablet belongs to the mobile giant family Samsung. This Korean phablet is a true crowd puller using its big screen and good battery life.

Google Nexus 6



The sixth generation smartphone from Google is the most progressive and carries a bigger screen compared to the Nexus devices from the past. The Nexus 6 is similar to Motorola’s Moto X but with a bigger screen and the up-to-date edition of Android.

Now let us wait and watch if One Plus 2 will be able to survive the war of the smartphones.

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