Top DSLRS Cameras

Whether photography is your leisure pursuit, your source of revenue or somewhere in between, photography can be a strong passion. It can also be quite consuming when it comes to your bank balance, so invest time to choose your camera kit prudently. Buying the ‘best’ camera does not essentially mean going for the most expensive one in the market.

For some of us, the highest possible pixel count is the vital objective, whereas others may desire super-fast drive rates or clean image quality even at ultra-high sensitivity settings. The sheer size and weight of a body can also be a concern, especially if the most of your photography takes place outdoors.

Let us have look at the top DSLRS cameras that might help you to pick the right one.

Canon 7D Mark II



Like its successor, the amazing EOS 7D, the EOS 7D Mark II outshines when it comes to sports and wildlife photography. It exhibits excellent 20.2-megapixel stills and a 10-fps burst mode for capturing a slide of images in speedy succession, along with the capacity to capture 1080/60p video with its innovative Dual Pixel autofocusing technology. The camera also comes with built-in GPS.

Nikon D750



The camera succeeds in capturing stunning 24.3-megapixel stills and excellent 1080/60p videos, permitting for the highest colour precision and some of the best video available with any DSLR. It is also the first full-frame DSLR with built-in Wi-Fi.

Pentax K-3



Very few are aware of this DSLR but it has a trustworthy following that swears by DSLRs like the flagship K-3. The 24-megapixel buff DSLR delivers good images that showcase a precise palette of colours. The tough device is furthermore weather-sealed meaning it can deal the sporadic bouts of rain or snow.

Nikon D810



The D810 is the big brother to the D750 is known for its solid construction and wealth of abilities also makes it standout in the market. It captures 36.3-megapixel, awesome images, while delivering beautiful 1080/60p video that outshines in terms of look and feel. The only disadvantage is that it does not connect to the Wi-Fi.

Canon 70D



An apt camera for the professional photographer as well as for budding filmmaker, Canon 70D is almost as close to an enthusiastic camcorder as you can get. Also, it’s loaded with everything else a professional photographer could want.

Whatever kind of photography you are interested in; an essential aspect is that image quality should be brilliant, expectable and repeatable. This requires that factors like autofocus, metering and white balance work consistently and steadily.

A key selling point of most expensive cameras is the spontaneous control over the better-quality points guarantees the greatest adaptability. In ingenious shooting set-ups, it can make all the difference between your results being simply spectacular, or merely average.

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