Top Free Basketball Games For Android

Let’s get to some of the best and free basketball games of this year for Android. You can bring together a compilation of star players and head them to the hall of legends. Prepare your athletes and use their skills to put your rivals in the grime. Bang the significant dunk home and leave their jaws on the floor.

Real Basketball


You will have all types of challenges to keep yourself resolute with Real Basketball. It can be played online or in Single Mode. In Single Mode, you can choose from a variety of game options like Tournament, Arcade, Time Attack or Single Ball and buy others like Block and All-Stars. You can also earn gold coins with every level you unlock.

Basketball Showdown 2015


The game is all about shooting baskets from all angles of the court. But unlike other games, you have no shot guidance. There will be tournaments and events to take part in with your team. Naquatic has attempted to make the visuals look great, with thorough textures on the different basketballs you can unlock.



MyNBA2K16 brings you the collectible ‘NBA 2K’ themed card game, which permits players to gather their favorite NBA player cards to challenge other competitors across the world in season tournaments, exhibition games and in-game special events. But what most users will be really excited about is the chance to earn more VC. By playing the Daily VC Bonus game, you can earn up to 1500 VC every day.



This is a simple 2D basketball game. All you have to do is loop a ball into a basket by moving your finger on the screen to set its path, then lift to see if your ball sweeps towards the target. Each game takes place over a two-minute session with the distance between the basket and the ball changing for every shot.

Rival Stars Basketball


The game runs on an autopilot with both teams scoring baskets after setting five players for a match. In fact, there are only two elements of interaction: Rival Clashes and Power Plays. Winning a match will bring you fame, some card experiences and currency.

Basketball Shoot 



You are approved only 10 misses in a single game and will be awarded extra misses if you get a clean shot. Each level comprises of 10 balls and gets increasingly harder with balls being placed in further positions from the basket. The game’s replay charge appears from two areas, the scoring system and the locked balls.

Philippine Slam!


The game is a 2 vs. 2 game starring our very own favourite Philippine Basketball Association teams and players. Features include 2 vs. 2 whole court basketball games Action packed and inflated game-play. You can jump ahead of human capabilities and perform remarkable plunges.

Basketball – Battle Shot


Enjoy the definitive real-life sports occurrence with Basketball – Battle Shot. With simple controls, this game is truly fun to play. You can put across your style by selecting from nine of different characters. Unlock various accomplishments to win the match.

If you think we have missed out on any, please do mention in the comment box below.

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