Top Task Management Chrome Extension Tools You Need Now!

The growing availability of internet-based tools and services means that we perform the majority of our work in the web-browsers we use, making it the main centre of productivity.

However, it can be difficult at times to keep track of all your tasks and be productive. Google Chrome, one of the most widely used browsers available today features a massive array of extensions (plug-ins) which lend additional functionality to your browsing capabilities.

Here is a look at four of the top task management extension tools to help you get better organised without ever closing your browser.

JotJotThis cool extension is not just a way to make and keep track of your to-do items, it is also an attractive replacement for the new tab page. Jot shows you a picturesque image of a landscape each time you open up a new tab. Here, you can type in a list of your most important tasks and short memos for your day.

Simply launch a new tab and you can view all your tasks written in a large and legible font right in the same page.



Momentum is a Chrome extension that allows you to add widgets to your browser. These are designed to help you organise and plan your day better. The widgets you can choose from include the weather, a clock, a to-do list and a menu of link shortcuts that you can customize. The most helpful of these widgets is the Focus widget,which allows you to display your day’s core goal right in the centre of the page.

This is all displayed in front of a beautiful background photo that changes periodically.



Todoist is a great online organiser to consider as it offers numerous features all packed into one extension. Just type out your task or else simply turn a tab you are using into a to-do item on your list. This tool also allows you to mark a particular task as a priority, fill in a date to complete it by or simply enter in a recurring date for each task.

It also shows you your schedule and asks for the week, displayed in a clean and eye-pleasing interface. Additionally, it offers the ability to scan and add all your to do lists into one place.



If you use multiple task managers and tools to organise your day, Taco is an extension that you must download! Offering the ability to connect a variety of apps such as Evernote, Wunderlist, Basecamp, Trello and Asana, you can arrange all your projects in just one tab. Arrange them according to the priority by simply dragging them up or down the list.

You can even use this to filter your tasks by a particular project. While it performs a number of complex tasks, the extension has a user-friendly interface and does not require much time to get acquainted with it.

So which of these apps will you choose to help you get organised?

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