Top Ten Features Of Microsoft Office 2016

Every three years Microsoft releases the new versions of Office, adding a series of new features intended to bring the robust productivity applications into the cloud computing era. At first glance, you may not perceive much change since Office 2013 but when you take a deeper look, you will find some attention-grabbing and productivity-enhancing differences. So let’s delve into the top 10 features of MS Office 2016.


Real-time co-authoring

Co-authoring has been there for a long time for many Office applications, but with Office 2016 that alliance can now take place in real time. That means you will be able to see what your associates are doing in a Word document or PowerPoint presentation as they do it—and equally they will be able to see yours irrespective of what device you are using or where you are.

Sway: Digital storytelling

Sway makes it easy to share presentations and create designs which will be similar to an e-magazine or an e-book layout than a traditional slide. It’s an easy way for teachers to swiftly generate appealing content for students.

Tell Me

Tell Me is a smarter version of Clippy that used to come in older versions of Office. It is available in Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Project, Access and Visio. It will assist you with whatever queries you’re having.

Smart Lookup

When you select a word or a phrase – in any other Office application like Word or PowerPoint, the sidebar opens at the right side with information about the particular text from various sources, counting Wikipedia.

Clutter for Outlook

Office 2016 adds a new category to your inbox systemize toolbox, called Clutter. You can now prioritize emails so that the less designated ones can be deposited automatically into a Clutter folder in Outlook. So now you have four tiers for email: important, clutter, delete and junk.


Planner is arguably much capable and useful and is parallel to Trello. It uses Office Graph, a facet that keeps a record of email-related actions, every document and other activity log of a user.

Power BI

Power BI, a controlling analytics tool, now comes packed with your Office 365 subscription. To know every little detail about how your business is doing is important, and Power BI can fetch it all together for you.

New chart types in Excel

Office 2016 adds quite a few new chart types to the templates inventory together with Waterfall, which is an interesting chart if you like to track the stock market. Other new chart types include Pareto, Histogram, Treemap, Sunburst and Whisker.

Better version history

Office 2016 satisfies for possibly lost ideas by tracking past versions of documents and making them obtainable directly from Office applications under the History section of the File menu.

Simplified document sharing

Office 2016 makes sharing of documents simple by adding a Share button on the upper-right corner of your Office apps. When you click the button, it will give you one-click way in to share your document with anyone in your contact list.

The best option to try out these features would be a subscription to Office 365, which includes Office 2016 along with all the cloud services. If you think we have left out anything please let us know via comments.

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