Trendy Gadgets That You Should Own

Technology is driving the world into its new stage. With each passing year, new gadgets are launched that help to increase productivity through innovation. Let us take a look at these cool new gadgets to own!

Epic Laser Virtual Projection Keyboard


Epic Laser Virtual Keyboard is the latest version from Magic Cube. The newer version is smaller, catchy and nothing like the keyboard we work on. Epic now acts as a mouse too, and this works with any Bluetooth enabled device.


-Slimmer than its previous version, Magic cube fits easily in the pocket.

-19 mm QWERTY Keyboard available in English and German

-Works as mouse, Scroll, zoom in/out, click, right-click, page forward/back

-Connects with every Bluetooth device

-Compatible OS are Android 4.0 and above, iOS 4.0 and above, Windows 10 and above, and Blackberry 10

-Good Battery pack up


2Skybell allows the user to answer someone who is at the door. The user can hear or speak from wherever he is. It comes with motion sensing technology along compatibility with Android and iOS.


-It sends a video alert to your smartphone

-Senses Motion

-Available to iOS and Android mobile devices

-Night vision to record videos in good clarity even in nights

-Upgraded camera, speaker and Microphone

-Can answer your door even when away

Wi-Fi Smart Switch


WiFi Smart Switch makes the home safe as it has an anti-theft feature. Unlike other Smart devices, this consumes less power. It also calculates the energy consumed as well as the cost. This gadget synchronizes with Android or iOS devices for additional notification.


-Turn on or off your home electronics from anywhere

-Calculates the energy consumed and cost


-Free App for iOS and Android

-Count down timers and schedule timers

-Less electricity consumption

Logitech Tunable Gaming Mouse


Mouse plays an important role while playing games. The Logitech Gaming Mouse comes with 11 programmable buttons and high sensitivity. Gaming becomes a great experience with this tunable gaming mouse.


-Adapts to the environment by turning on the optical sensor

-Customize the weight and balance of the mouse

-11 programmable buttons

-In-game DPI Shifting

-Hyper fast scroll wheel

Wireless 3D Finger Mouse


Neo reflection Mouse is a wireless and light weight, easy to hold and work with mouse. It is compatible with USB-A connector as well as micro-USB connector. The design of the mouse makes it comfortable to hold and use.


-Based on motion and touch

-Cursor gets on with Touch

-Sensitive strip in the middle of this mouse

-Can be used in 3D Mode

-Small in size and narrow in shape

-Air-mode so it can act as a laser pointer

-Swipe commands

FiLIP 2 Smart Locator


This cool gadget helps the parents to stay connected with their kids. The FiLIP 2 allows GPS, GSM, and WiFi connectivity to track and locate the movement of children. Apart from being a smart locator, it can also act as a Smartwatch.


-Locates through GPS, GSM and Wi-Fi-Can receive voice calls

-Emergency locator gives update for every 60 seconds

-Works as wrist watch

-One-way text messages

-Monitor the FiLIP’s battery with the its smart app

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