Uber App Gets Two New Features To Make Ride-Hailing Easier

Indian organized Taxi business is currently going through an evolution with two strong competitors like Ola and Uber understanding the needs of Indian Consumers and bringing in new features as per the geography. In such a quest The US-based taxi Service provider Uber has recently introduced 2 new services to features and capture non-conventional market segment.

The two new features are “Request a Ride for Others” and “Dial an Uber.” “Dial an Uber” is currently targeting consumers from few tier 2 cities in India whereas the “Request a Ride for Others,” feature is available across the country.

Dial an Uber :


This is a web-booking platform, and it is pretty convenient to use as well. A user simply has to open the web browser on his smartphone and head to ‘dial.uber.com’. Here, the user has to login using his phone number, select the destination and get the fare estimate and book the ride. Now the users do not need to have the app installed on their phone. They can just open the web browser and book the cab. Not only this, but a very effective factor here is perhaps the zero dependency on associating any of the wallets or credit cards and its ability to pay in cash, once the ride is completed.  This is a very useful option for the users who are not much tech savvy and are first time Uber users. It also resolves the issue of storage space for those who may be using a basic smartphone with limited space and are not able keep many applications.

This clearly indicates a change in strategy for the ride-sharing company. The Dial an Uber service is focusing on the most cost effective UberGO vehicles, and paired with the convenience of cash payment, indicates that Uber wants to move beyond their main target audience—the service as explained are currently rolled out in Tier 2 cities like Nagpur, Kochi, Guwahati, and Jodhpur, with more cities expected to be added soon.

Request a Ride for Others :


Uber identified that there is a huge segment of users who are aware and are using Uber services, but are dependent on other users as they are not tech savvy. To cater services to such consumers Uber introduced Request a Ride for Others.

The entire procedure to book the ride remains the same as if you are booking a car for yourself, except that you communicate to the Uber driver the location of the person for whom you are making the booking. You can also share their contact details. This feature gives you option of making the payment online or pay in cash once the ride is over. The passenger for whom you have booked ride also receives a text message once the booking is done.

Text message will contain the trip details like who booked the trip for the passenger, expected arrival time, vehicle details, driver’s number, whether payment is done or needs to be done by cash and a internet address which a passenger can simply click on to open in the phone’s web browser and check the whereabouts of the car that has been ordered.

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They should come out with upgrades for the specific phones and not for the separate Operating System. This way a special version for your phones specific hardware can be made

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