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One of the reasons why Chrome is so popular is because, it has a clean and a polished UI. It is versatile and packed with features which help your browsing experience easy and smooth. Apart from the near-bottomless library of extensions, there’s plenty of stock functionalities embedded in the browser which you might have skipped noticing. Hence, below is the list of some handy Chrome features which you might want to know about.

Synchronize Bookmarks across Browsers

If you want to keep the same bookmarks, browser preferences and browser themes in more than one computer, you can synchronize them using your Google Account. It is a handy feature when you often switch between different computers. You can organize everything which you would like to sync. Simply go to the Tools menu and click on Set up Sync and follow the instructions.

Resources Page

If you own a website and want to know how fast your site loads on the browser, you would find this feature interesting. The entire Developer tools that Chrome offers are exclusive and remarkable. You can simply access it by pressing Ctrl+Shift+I.

Continue Where You Left Off

Isn’t it exhausting to pull up all the websites that you’re working on after you have accidentally closed them all? Well, you can find peace with Chrome. Chrome has an option for that too. All you need to do is go to Chrome settings from the main menu and select “Continue where you left off’ which you could locate under the ‘On Startup” heading and you are sorted.

Drag and Resize Text Box on a Webpage

This is another useful feature! If you find the text boxes on the webpages annoying because they are too small and right after you have typed in a few lines, you would find a scroll bar, which is a little exasperating. Well, on Chrome, you can actually drag the box from the corner and make it bigger.

Task Manager

Just like your Windows Task Manager, this feature too will give you the details about any specific process running in Google Chrome or to force a tab or an application to close which isn’t responding well. You can also see the amount of memory these websites are using along with the memory usage by the extensions which you have installed with the browser plugins. To open the Task Manager, use the keyboard shortcut Shift+ Esc.

Find your phone

Can’t find your phone? Well, if you have an Android phone, simply type “find my phone” in the URL bar, and it will make your phone let out an audible pinging sound and show you a map with your phone marked on it. This way you would be notified whether your phone is jammed between the cushions or it is in someone else’s custody. Just make sure you’ve have the latest version of Google app installed on your device.

The more you use Google Chrome, the more you would like it. It certainly has a gaining ground when it comes to features. I am sure you may discover something new today while using Chrome. There are a lot of other features which we might have missed here. The features in the above list aren’t life changing, but will make your browsing a lot easier for sure.

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