Vertu’s Latest Ostentatious Smartphone

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you would have most definitely heard of Vertu, at the very least in passing. If it does not strike a chord, Vertu is a maker of luxury smartphones that come with some jaw-dropping price tags. The British manufacturer has just unveiled yet another smartphone, the Vertu Constellation. This device is said to be Vertu’s best smartphone so far and even includes a number of extra features that are unique to this device.

Vertu Constellation

The Vertu Constellation is a smartphone that has focused on its design and choice of materials used. In terms of the aesthetics, the Vertu phone has been created along the same lines as Vertu’s pervious handsets. The phone has a soft cover that is made from pure leather sourced from an Italian family-owned tannery. It also has an anodized aluminium frame and a ruby that is built into the body. One thing that cannot be denied is that the Vertu Constellation certainly stands out amongst other smartphones of today which all seem to look the same.

The ruby doubles up as a button for activating the Vertu Concierge. This service is quite literally like your own personal butler or more aptly your concierge who will carry out a wide range of tasks for you. This can be anywhere from getting your jet plane washed to calling for an emergency limousine. Simply press the glinting red button and give your commands to the person at the other end of the call.

The touchscreen display of 5.5 inches is made from a sapphire crystal glass that is said to offer a greater resistance to scratches than regular Gorilla Glass. With a resolution of 2560 pixels by 1440 pixels, the Vertu Constellation delivers an HD viewing ability which will surely make watching videos of 1080p quality a fun and engaging experience.

Powering the smartphone is a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor and a RAM of 4GB. For storing all your data like videos, movies, documents, photos and other files, this phone offers a memory capacity of 128GB built-in. This can also be expanded using an external microSD card.

Vertu Constellation

In terms of the camera, the Constellation is fitted with a rear primary camera of 12MP. It is said to feature larger pixels that have a size of 1.55 micron pixels. This is similar to what Google has used in its Pixel smartphone and it is expected to allow users to take crisper images in low light conditions.

This dual SIM phone runs on Android v6.0 Marshmallow OS which is integrated under Vertu’s own UI. Additionally, it offers a fingerprint scanner, wireless charging, NFC and a USB Type-C port for connecting to other devices. Vertu’s Constellation is powered by a battery that has a capacity of 3220mAh which should last over a day comfortably.

One of the interesting highlights of the device is its ability to encrypt phone calls. This has been facilitated by Silent Circle, the company which makes the security smartphones called Blackphone.

Vertu has not put a major emphasis on the specifications with this device, rather they have focused on the materials and looks. Expected to be priced around USD 6,000 (approximately Rs. 4,01,910), the phone will not be affordable from any angle. However, as it is targeted at only the wealthiest of the wealthy who are looking to make a bold statement, the price really does not matter.

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