Viruses That Shook The Computer World

Nowadays we surf the internet and download files but we are not sure if the downloaded file is safe or is it a virus that could destroy our data. A computer virus might damage or delete data on your computer, using your email programs to extend itself to other computers, or even obliterate everything on your hard disk. Here is a list of some of the most dreadful computer viruses from past and hence be alert when you receive files from unknown sources.



Want to find out who has sent the love letter? Well honestly who wouldn’t be interested? The virus hit the internet in 2000. It was a worm that would intrude your computer through the user opening an attachment in an email titled LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU.TXT.vbs. Downloading this would surely help the hacker to steal all your passwords.


This worm increases and infects the standard page load time on the Internet by 50 percent. It also blocks the infected computer from obtaining access to anti-virus sites, and starts a denial-of-service attack on computing giant Microsoft. The costs allied with cleanup of MyDoom are approximately about $40 billion.


It is a social engineering ploy to trick people into opening their email attachment which later selects an arbitrary Microsoft Office file on the user’s computer. After infecting the user’s files, it chooses and sends the infected file to all the people in the victims email contact list. The loss is ball-parked to be $3 billion.

Klez virus

This worm would damage your computer through your email and then dole out itself to others through your email client. It would steal a name from your address book and put it into the “From” field, which would make others open an email since it was from a friendly name. It gets worse; the virus would hinder virus scanning software to act as if it were a virus removal tool, hence making it very misleading and hard to pin down.

Code Red

The worm infected up to one-third of all Microsoft ISS web servers upon release. It even replaced the homepage of with a message saying “Hacked by Chinese!” The losses due to Code Red were estimated to be billions of dollars.

The SQL Slammer

Also known as Sapphire, this was a virus that was designed for web servers. This particular virus took down Bank of America’s ATM service, forced Continental Airlines to cancel flights, and worse than that, it took down the 911 service for the city of Seattle. This all added up to more than a billion dollars in damage.

Sasser and Netsky

These were created by Sven Jaschan in 2004. The viruses infected the news agency Agence France-Presse and the Delta Air Lines by overloading their computer systems. In the end Sven was sold out by his friend as Microsoft put out a bounty of $250,000 for information.

There are billions of viruses out there, small and big. But there were some that made themselves conspicuous and ruined things for us in a stunning fashion. They indeed created havoc in the real as well as the virtual world.

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