Waterproof Activity Gadgets

Most fitness gadgets are designed to just resist few splashes of water, but cannot be worn around the pool. If you’re looking for an activity tracker that you can leave on your hand when you go for a swim, the list below will help you with several great options.

Misfit Flash


Misfit Flash is the best rookie-level activity gadget you can buy in the budget range. Number tracking buffs will be dissatisfied in the lack of qualities that form the part of the more expensive gadgets, but first-timers will find a lot to love in this stylish and inexpensive waterproof device.



Real good gadget as it helps you with coaching. It has an in built feature that gives you an analysis about your speed, strokes and stamina to improve your technique more efficiently. You will require your phone to check facts and progress, which can be a problematic at the local pool.

Basis Peak


The sharp looking Basis Peak is a fitness gadget that believes functionality is important over appearance, plus it can challenge 50 metres of water pressure for an extended period of time. All the usual characteristics, like sleep and heart rate tracking, are a part of it, making it a complete devices on the market.

Garmin Vivoactive


Garmin seems to take waterproofing more earnestly compared to other creators. The Vivoactive has resistant pressure up to the depth of 50 metres as well as a steadfast swimming app, GPS, smart notifications etc.

LifeTrak Move C300


The USP of the LifeTrak Move C300, a watch-style activity tracker, is its remarkably low price. It has a built-in heart rate monitor. It does not have a rechargeable battery, the LifeTrak Move C300 uses a coin cell battery, like most old-fashioned watches have, which you will require to replace every so often. It’s water- resistant up to 30 meters.

Jaybird Reign


The Jaybird Reign is a waterproof wristband with some cool features which keeps tabs on how much exercise you get, but also prompts you to fine tune your habits. It will update you on how much should you sleep. Another attention-grabbing feature is that it reads heart rate variability, which is gauges whether your body can process the stress of a workout or if your body needs rest.

TomTom Multi-Sport GPS Watch


It’s meant for triathletes than your normal activity gadget. The TomTom Multi-Sport tracks running, swimming, and bicycling, indoors as well as out. Since TomTom designed the device, you can be sure the GPS function is compact, but it is not functional when you go swimming. Instead, it uses a motion sensor to tally your strokes. You can also change the distance of the pool in the settings before you begin your activity.

Misfit Shine


The Shine can be worn around your wrist as well as can be attached to your swim wear, so it’s water proof as well as flexible. It can survive up to 50 plus it battery life lasts for 6 months.

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