Ways To Improve The Performance Of Android Tablets


Is your Android tablet not performing as fast as it used to? Just like a personal computer, your tablet’s system will eventually run slower due to the memory shortage and stored files. But the good news is, you can maintain the fast performance of your tablet by knowing the right things to do.

You are probably using your tablet for a lot of things. I used my Android for playing games and browsing. I like its portability and functionality. But I too had experienced my tablet running slower which concerns me. I did my own research on how I can improve Android performance of my tablet which I will be sharing with you right now.

  1. Remove Applications You Don’t Need

Every time you download an application on your tablet, it takes up memory. So, if you have several applications that you don’t really use, uninstall them. This will free up memory in your storage which leads to improve performance of Android tablet.

  1. Close Applications

Tablets run slower when there are numerous applications running in the background. After using an application, close it. This way, your tablet’s system will have more memory to run your other applications.

  1. Avoid Heavy Applications

Different applications have different sizes. Before downloading, look at the file size and determine if it’s worth downloading. Keep in mind that applications cannot be transferred to an external SD card so everything is stored in the tablet’s internal memory.

  1. Stay Away from Live Wallpapers

True, those live wallpapers are beautiful and entertaining but you may notice that it makes your tablet run slower. It’s always running in the background even if you’re running an application already. It’s best to stick with regular wallpapers as this can save battery life too.

  1. Turn off Maps

The moment you open your tablet, your map application will be active especially if you’re always connected to the internet. If you have GPS on your tablet, that’s worse. Not only will this suck the life out of your battery, but it will reduce your tablet’s performance. How? The tablet’s system will cut out on your tablet’s performance to make your tablet last longer.

  1. Stop Animations

Just like live wallpapers, animations are eye candies. These things look great but you have no idea how it can reduce your computer’s performance. Deactivate animations in your tablet settings. You’ll really notice the difference.

  1. Remove Unnecessary Widgets

We often see Android business phones and tablets with a bunch of widgets running. Widgets can be helpful but remove the unnecessary ones. Just keep the widgets you cannot live without and remove the rest. Those widgets take up memory.

  1. A Habit to Kill

Make it a habit to kill applications that you are not using. In case you forgot to close them, download an application that can kill all running applications with one click. This will free up memory in an instant.

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by techtalks @TechTalks April 13, 2016 4:58 AM UTC


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