Websites To Download Music Legally And For Free

Are you on of those who loves music and wants to get music from sites which are legal yet free? Fret not there are websites and apps which will satisfy your needs and also maintain the respect towards the music world.

Here are websites where you can enjoy your favourite music for free with no limits.



It is a royalty free music website that has more than 45000 songs that can be streamed online and downloaded. The website is the perfect for new musicians to gain support for their relevant music. This music library is available in 6 languages English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Polish. Jamendo is available on iOS, Android and Windows platforms.



 It is hub to most distinguished music artists all around the world. Anybody can stream their favourite music of their preferred artists online and download it to listen it later in offline, which is absolutely free and legal. SoundCloud also allows the users to upload their own creation, which can be heard by everyone all over world. It is available for both iOS and Android phones.

 Amazon MP3


 It is the largest online shopping site, which in fact also sells free music. It has music catalogued into different genres and the user can choose to pay or not to pay for the music. The user can download from the largest collections but it is difficult to find the latest music in store. Amazon music is available free for iOS and Android platforms.



QTRAX offers three things to its users: downloading, streaming and radio. All the user needs to do is download the free QTRAX player and stream unlimited music and radio. The fun has got no ends as you are not charged to stream music. This free now and is legal, which is available for Windows PC and iOS, Android platforms.



 It is a social network website for both music and book lovers. Anybody can create a free account and download songs of their preferred artists and even inform them if someone wants to appreciate their work. You can stream the music of any musician world-wide as it helps the artists to show their talent by uploading their music.



It is one platform that artists find easy to upload and oversee music through distinctive profiles. They can choose to offer their music for download or just for streaming. The user can find songs by upcoming artists, album cover and remixes of great songs in PureVolume. It is available only as website later they might launch their apps as well.



It is a music platform which lets the artist upload their music for streaming online and download it. The website streams songs which are authentic and makes sure it is authorised content that is uploaded in the website. SoundOwl has got large number of song collections that is easy to download and stream online for free to anyone.

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