What If There Was No Internet

no internet

Internet, we believe is the most important invention and this is believed so the world over.

After the artificial satellite Suptnik was launched in 1957 everything changed.  The world saw a huge transformation which lead to computers being affordable. Now they are present in every home and our lives are completely dependent on them. In fact we have let them “rule” us. With the advent of internet we have let it control our lives in every way.

A century back neither computers nor internet existed and guess what life still existed. In fact the people were much happier and led a productive life. Hard to believe right? But, there is a generation that has seen an era without computers and internet.

We believe there are two types of people who exist with technology constantly in their face: people who think they will not survive if they are forced to give up their devices or connectivity, as if their arm has been chopped off, and people who are more relaxed and peaceful whey they are asked to leave their devices or connectivity, as if they have been just released from a jail.

Let’s say for one day you make a conscious decision to avoid using internet for a day or limit your usage. Let’s make it easier, think that you have lost your smartphone for some days!

It will be frustrating in the initial stages, but you can let all your calls be transferred to your landline. You will be at peace knowing nobody can call you and demand anything from you in middle of the night. You can be at peace, as no more “Whats App” notifications, no instant messaging that needs to be addressed.

We are sure you might miss one or two party invites, but nothing that will put you in imminent danger. We are sure you will be able to enjoy your precious morning cup of coffee and savor it.

At work you will spend be more focused on work as you will spend less time on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. Yes, there will be a slowdown as there will be no emails and it will limit your mode of communication. But trust us, this kind of work life existed and people survived and did reach the internet era.

With no internet, your movements will not be limited and you will get a chance to step out of your house and office more. You will get more time to read books as you will have to research a lot for your work. All because there will be no Google to go to!

Stepping out of the house and your cubicle will lead to healthier you as it will increase your social interactions. You no longer will be having virtual interactions. Personal interactions are always beneficial than the virtual ones.

You will have more time to read, walk, think, and make friends, exercise, and write. You will be less distracted and less stressed. You thoughts will be more lucid and less fragmented.

Trust us we are not asking you to kill the internet, as it is neither bad nor it is good. But you can limit the dependency on it. Initially it will be frustrating, but take a trial period, like be off it for a week. You will have more time on hand plus you will do more worthwhile things and have a contented life. If not you can always go back to it.

Give it a shot… What do you have to lose? In fact, what do you have to gain?

by techtalks @TechTalks August 6, 2015 6:39 AM UTC


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