What Is Periscope And How To Use It?

Periscope is an Android and iOS app that allows you to share and experience live video streaming directly from your tablet or smartphone. It can be used to broadcast news stories, capture fan atmosphere during an important match, or record the experience of walking down the streets of Mumbai or Cairo! The immediate and interactive nature of Periscope encourages viewer participation in what’s happening in the video stream. Viewers can post comments which the person sharing the video can respond real-time. It’s this feature which enables a far more active video experience, compared to other traditional ways.



Here are the major features of the video streaming app.

Live streaming: The basic function of Periscope is to allow live streaming of videos, directly from your tablet or smartphone.

Interactive viewing: Not merely watching videos, the app allows real time interaction among you and your viewers. They can “heart” the video streams they like and also interact with you through chats and comments.

Map view: Explore your videos being broadcast in various parts of the world, via an interactive map. You can search videos by location and find streams of events that interest you.

Replays: Videos streamed on Periscope are automatically saved. You can replay them for up to 24 hours after your first broadcast.

Downloading: Once you are done with your broadcast, you can save the video stream on to your camera roll. This helps in having a copy of the video once its lifetime expires.

Twitter integration: Periscope is owned by Twitter. The two are joined at the hip. You can easily connect with your followers on Twitter and notify them of broadcasts.

How to use Periscope?


To use Periscope for live video streaming, you have to first download the app on your tablet or smartphone. Create a user account with your Twitter details and use your mobile phone number in this regard. To begin your broadcast, tap the camera button on the navigation bar at the bottom, type out a description of the video, and press “start broadcast” to being your live streaming. All broadcasts, by default, are public and for everyone to see. You can adjust the settings for only your followers to see the video.

You may not have a Periscope account to view the videos. However, you have to sign up on Periscope for live streaming and broadcasting, or if you want to comment on a video or “heart” it. Streamed videos can be watched on your laptop, smartphone or tablet, either through Twitter or through the app.

Periscope, like most other social media services, doesn’t control or monitor the content posted. However, they promptly remove illegal content or videos that violate relevant copyright laws, or breach community guidelines. The in-stream reporting and blocking tools are used to report abusive or upsetting broadcasts and comments.

Get started with Periscope today. Live stream wonderful videos of a wedding in the family, or your child’s first words. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

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